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DLA Distribution Korea provides United States Forces Korea (USFK) with critical logistics capabilities including Storage and Distribution, the Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point (TCSP), Transportation Planning Management, Logistics Planning and Contingency Operations, and Material Movement Tracking and Expediting.  Located on Camp Carroll in Area IV, the depot is essential to the Southern Hub, the logistics backbone of unit readiness and the Warfighters’ ability to “Fight Tonight”.  The fact that USFK committed to build a new distribution facility with significantly increased capabilities attests to DLA Distribution Korea’s vital role as a strategic platform for the Korean Theater of Operations (KTO).      

DLA Distribution Korea executes a diverse range of missions in support of service component customers including joint theater distribution, multi-stop direct delivery, cross-dock, in bound/out bound surface containers, Total Delivery Service, and retrograde.  The TCSP, winner of the prestigious 2014 Henry T. Flint Award, is the center of an efficient and cost effective theater distribution system.  Additionally, the depot provides Transportation Protective Service to the 7th Air Force, the escort of sensitive items (excluding ammunition).   

DLA Distribution Korea is also a world-class supply operation which stocks and maintains more than 18,000 Class II, IIIP, IV, and IX DLA-managed items including maps, both retail and War Reserve Stock.  The depot expedites high priority material release orders for customers across the KTO and works extensively with Army Supply Support Activities by managing Army Retrograde and returning material to the wholesale supply system.

Focused on future readiness, DLA Distribution Korea works in conjunction with DLA Pacific, the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and other partners to validate and refine Theater Operational Plans.  Joint and combined ROK-U.S. exercises including Key Resolve, Combined Logistics over the Shore and Ulchi Freedom Guardian serve to enable the transition from armistice to contingency.  As has been the case since 2005, the dedicated team of highly skilled Korean Nationals remains the heart and soul of DLA Distribution Korea.   

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