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DLA Distribution Cherry Point, N.C.

Distribution Cherry Point Leaders

About Distribution Cherry Point

DLA Distribution Cherry Point, N.C., supports the 2nd Marine Air Wing, numerous Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons, MCAS Cherry Point, the largest Marine Air Station in the world, and the Naval Air Systems Command's Fleet Readiness Center, or FRC, East, Cherry Point, as well as military and government customers worldwide. DDCN provides full service distribution support, both wholesale and retail, such as receipt, stow, issue inventory and transportation of customer logistics requirements, DLA Distribution Cherry Point, N.C. performs all specialized packaging, preservation and crating of components. In addition, the distribution center currently operates three Preservation, Packaging, Packing, and Marking satellite operations within FRC East, and is an integral part of the FRC East production line, which refurbishes Department of Defense aircraft components, including the custody, preservation, handling and shipping of aircraft parts, components, and engines.  The distribution center also supplies all of the preservation and packaging, hazardous material packaging, central receiving, rigging operations, ordnance transportation certifying and transportation management office requirements to all units in the local area.

Distribution Cherry Point Contacts

DLA Distribution
Bldg 159 Cunningham Blvd
Cherry Point, NC 28533
Area code: 252
DSN: 392 

Contacts Phone Numbers
DLA Distribution Cherry Point Director 652-3579
DLA Distribution Cherry Point Deputy Director 652-3580
Security Office 652-3577
Safety Office 652-3582
Transportation Officer 652-3573
Facilities Specialist 652-3574
Accountability Officer 652-3561
Contracting Officer Representative 652-3581
Accent Controls Inc. Customer Service 652-3586/3587
Accent Controls Inc. Site Manager / Alt Site Manager 652-3690/3689


DLA Cherry Point Major Commands

Contacts Phone Numbers
DLA Disposition Disposal Service Representative 652-3612
DLA Disposition Area Manager 910-450-9296
DLA Aviation Commander 652-3626
DLA Aviation Deputy Commander 652-3625


DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries