DLA Distribution Barstow, California


                                Matthew J. Balogh, Director                                     James J. Lucowitz Jr., Deputy Director 

DLA Distribution Barstow, California stores over 59,800 warfighter support items valued at over $2.1 billion at two locations on Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, a United States Marine Corps supply and maintenance installation located in the Mojave Desert east of Barstow, in San Bernardino County, Southern California.
The two locations are Nebo and Yermo Annex. Headquarters, administration, central receiving, shipping, storage and most support facilities for wholesale worldwide distribution are located at Nebo. Most outdoor storage and logistical off-load and on-load support for the Fort Irwin Army Training Center and Marine Logistics Command Fleet Support Division operations are located at the Yermo Annex.

The Yermo Annex is also home to the Industrial Support operation that provides receipt, storage, issue and delivery processes for the Yermo-based Marine Corps Maintenance Depot in Barstow. This operation delivers on a real-time demand schedule to support production lines, producing a variety of wheeled and track vehicles.

With a hot, dry desert climate, Barstow is an ideal location for outdoor storage for large tactical vehicles and equipment. Among the major items stored outside are Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, ship propellers and drive shafts, anchors and radar units.

DLA Distribution Barstow, California, is capable of accommodating inside storage requirements for a wide variety of commodities. Major items currently provided inside storage at the distribution center are electronic parts and components, radioactive material, clothing and textiles, replacement parts of military equipment, engines and transmissions, shafts, reduction gears, and wire cable.

DLA Distribution Barstow, California, also operates a container manufacturing section that is proficient in the design and construction of lumber, plywood cleated, fiberboard and special purpose containers for shipment or storage. Containers may be custom constructed to meet customer requirements and in compliance with Federal, Military and International specifications.



Distribution Barstow
Bldg. 236, West End (DLA)
Barstow, CA 92311
Area Code (VOIP): 442
DSN (VOIP): 392

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DLA Distribution Barstow on USMC Logistics Base, Barstow, California

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