DLA Distribution Guam, Marianas

David Palomo, Acting Director


DLA Distribution Guam, Marianas, is a tenant command located on US Naval Base Guam. The organization was established on October 1, 2004, to provide forward stock positioning and enhanced physical distribution services to the military community on Guam and customers in western Pacific theater of operations. Its storage and distribution facilities are strategically positioned to reduce transportation costs and Customer Wait Time (CWT).

DLA Distribution Guam, Marianas, is a Government Owned Contracted Operated (GOCO) site that performs standard distribution functions to include receipt, storage, stock readiness and issues. Additional functionality includes seavan surface and air inbound/outbound shipments, Air and Surface Theater Consolidation Shipment Point (TCSP), Material Processing Center (MPC), Total Delivery Service (TDS), emergency walk through requisitions, Packing, Packaging, Preservation and Marking (PPP&M), transshipment services, Cold Chain Management and Disposal Storage & Distribution. As part of its mission, the organization provides tailored distribution services through the site's MPC, which serves as a centralized receipt activity for afloat customers in the Guam area of responsibility.

Commodities stored at DLA Distribution Guam, Marianas, include repair parts, ODS Compressed Gases, Consumable items, Hazardous Material, Navy Level 1/Subsafe material and Depot Level Repairables (DLR). The organization maintains prepositioned Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief items in an event of a disaster or request for assistance in the Asia/Pacific region.


DLA Distribution Guam, Marianas
DLA Distribution Guam, Marianas
PSC 455, BOX 196
FPO AP  96540-0196
Building 2118, Receiving Section
Sumay Drive
Santa Rita, GU 96915
Area Code: 671
DSN: 315

Contact Us

DLA Distribution Guam Director                                                   777-4700
DLA Distribution Alternate Site Manager                                      687-2058

Security Office                                                                              777-4715/339-4539
Safety Office                                                                                 777-4702/339-1140
ESOC/Customer Support                                                             339-7122
HAZMAT and Cylinder Bottles                                                      339-4160
ROD/SDR Section                                                                        339-6219
Freight Terminal                                                                            339-5990  

DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries.