DLA Distribution Hill, Utah


                         James McArthur, Director                            Preston Kriegshouser, Deputy


DLA Distribution Hill, Utah, is located at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, which is also home to the Ogden Air Logistics Center, or ALC. DLA Distribution Hill, Utah, employees perform key distribution operations to include receiving, storage, packing, shipping and disposal of military weapon system spare parts. The distribution center supports two on-base fighter wings and maintenance functions performed by the Ogden ALC as well as numerous military units throughout the world.

Primary distribution support to the Ogden ALC is provided for the Minuteman and Peacekeeper missiles and the Emergency Rocket Communication System; the F-16 Fighting Falcon; the A-10 Thunderbolt; the C-130 Hercules; and Air Force-wide depot level overhaul and repair for all types of landing gear, wheels, brakes and tires.

Another major mission performed by DLA Distribution Hill, Utah, is assembly of the Army's Deployable Medical Systems, or DEPMEDS. These self-contained, portable units are capable of being positioned quickly in an area of operations during war or a national emergency. The distribution center assembles, modifies, repairs, rebuilds, certifies and stores the modular units that can contain operating rooms, x-ray equipment, blood labs and pharmacies. The units can range in size from a single general-purpose lab to a 164 bed hospital containing 12,000 line items. Medical Assembly and Shelter Repair (DEPMEDS) personnel also perform the overhaul and repair of International Standards Organization (ISO) approved shelters.

DLA Distribution Hill, Utah
5851 F Ave
Hill AFB, UT 84056
Area Code: 801/385
DSN: 313/350


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DLA Distribution Command Office                                                385-519-8581
Security Office                                                                               385-519-8423/DSN 313-350-8423
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Medical Assembly and Shelter Repair Division                             385-519-8897
Stock Reutilization Division                                                           385-519-8162


DLA Distribution Hill, Utah - URS Customer Service Numbers:
(385) 519-8690 cell: (801) 940-1595
(385) 519-8691 cell: (801) 940-1585
(385) 519-8692

DSN: (313) 350-8690 (313) 350-8691 (313) 350-8692


Email: ddhu.cust.serv@dla.mil

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