DLA Distribution Richmond, Virginia



                                 John M. Pearson, Director                          Ben Harvey, Deputy

DLA Distribution Richmond, VA., receives, stores, maintains, manages and distributes material to the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, while also providing premium distribution services for DLA Disposition Services and Foreign Military Sales program.

The distribution center serves as DLA Distribution's primary site for hazardous material with Environmental Protection Agency-conforming storage space. It is also the primary DoD repository for Ozone Depleting Substances, which includes a compressed gas reclamation and cylinder refurbishment operation.

In January 2014, DLA Distribution Richmond, Va., absorbed the primary functions of the former DLA Distribution Mapping. Today, DLA Distribution Richmond is responsible for inventory and worldwide physical distribution of all maps, charts and other geodetic material for DoD, storing 85,000 map items for its military customers worldwide.


Distribution Richmond
8000 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Building 66D
Richmond, VA 23297-5516
Area Code: 804
DSN: 695

Contact Us

Hazardous (Service Provider, Olgoonik Technical Services):

ESOC/Customer Support                                                                279-3525
    After hours (Cell)                                                                         356-0752
Transportation – Dispatch                                                               279-3834, option 2

Accountable Officer                                                                         279-6957
Haz (Contract Oversight, Supv)                                                      279-4828
Mapping Division (Operations Mgr)                                                 279-6948
ODS Cylinder Division (Supv)                                                         279-2055
Production Support & Analysis Div (Supv)                                      279-4014

  • Retail map support (DDMS)

Security Office                                                                                 279-6551
     ID's & CACs                                                                               804-279-1020
     Installation Visit Requests/Info                                                   804-279-4754   dscrvisitrequest@dla.mil

Safety Office                                                                                    279-3566
Transportation                                                                                 279-6554




DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries. dlacontactcenter@dla.mil