DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania


                                                                     Samuel D. Smith Sr., LTC, USA, Commander               

DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, Pa., located at Tobyhanna Army Depot, supports the massive Department of Defense communications/electronics industry by providing both retail and wholesale distribution support. TYAD is the largest, full-service communications/electronics maintenance facility within the DoD. TYAD and DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, Pa., are recognized as partners for excellence in the systems integration, design, overhaul, repair, manufacture, and worldwide logistics support of hundreds of communications and electronics systems.

From the National Command Authority to the soldier in the field, these systems are utilized by virtually every unit in the force structure and impact every aspect of the modern battlefield. The distribution center supports the entire communications/electronics materiel spectrum for these systems.

DLA Distribution Tobyhanna, Pa., receives, stores and issues systems ranging from communications; command, control and computers; and intelligence/electronic warfare to satellite communications systems in its Wholesale Distribution Operations Division. The organization is noted for handling special electronics operations such as the Electro-Static Discharge Control Program where sensitive parts receive component protection through proper handling, packaging, marking and storage procedures. The Retail Distribution Operations Division performs supply, storage, material movement and distribution responsibilities in direct support of the various workloads at Tobyhanna Army Depot.

Additionally, the organization is responsible to plan, program, manage, and accomplish receipt, storage, inventory, preservation/packing/marking, and worldwide distribution for all the branches of services to include Army major-end-items such as wheeled and tracked vehicles, repair parts, and secondary items such as engines, transmissions, generators, and heaters. Retail and wholesale warehouse facilities provide for general purpose, heated, HAZMAT, radiological, industrial gasses, and bulk stock storage and contain satellite terminals, radio and radar systems, telephones and switchboards, anti-intrusion devices, airborne surveillance equipment and navigational instruments, electronic warfare, and many other types of unique and specialized systems.


Distribution Tobyhanna
11 Hap Arnold Blvd.
Bldg. 12
Tobyhanna PA 18466
Area Code: 570
DSN: 795

Contact Us

DLA Distribution Tobyhanna Command Duty Officer             615-7600
Security Office                                                                        615-8384
Safety Office                                                                           615-7687
ESOC/Customer Support                                                       615-6646
Classified Material Cage                                                         615-8883
HAZMAT and Cylinder Bottles                                                615-8661
ROD/SDR Section                                                                  615-9676

DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries.




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