Distribution Planning and Management System (DPMS)


DPMS is a Modern Distribution Planning and Management System within DLA that enables the DLA/DDC to better manage the movement of products from vendors and distribution centers to customers as well as reverse logistics, resulting in greater coordination, visibility and stock positioning. DPMS is a vital, robust DSS enhancement system, which will allow DLA to provide greater flexibility in the movement of their products, to all customers, with added support to our soldiers worldwide.

The Importance of DPMS to DLA:

  • Provide in-transit visibility of vendor shipments to Customers and Distribution Centers
  • Provide standard documentation such as 2nd 2 D bar-coded Military Shipping Labels (MSLs), Bills of Lading, and export documentation that will expedite movement to customers
  • Document carrier performance and delivery to customers
  • Allow DLA to delay stock positioning decisions until time of movement to reduce double handling and multiple moves
  • Provide real-time access for all addresses including Ships, FMS, and Moble Units.
  • Provide rapid payment to commercial carriers and document transportation costs through interface with PowerTrack
  • Lower DLA transportation costs by optimizing shipments and using greater consolidation through cross docking, multiple pick-up, and multiple drop-offs