Distribution Standard System (DSS)

Defense Distribution Center Configuration Management
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Registered users: Access the Distribution Standard System


DDC is a member of the Information Operations Panel (IOP) initiative and has established policies and procedures for DSS changes which encompass the nine steps of the DLA Collaborative Configuration Management Plan (CI#: DLA-CCMP-Version 2.0).

DDC DSS CM Plan presents a methodology by which Configuration Management (CM) is maintained throughout the development life cycle for Distribution Standard System.

DDC contributes to the Collaborative effort by posting all IT initiatives that might interest other agencies to the Collaborative CM Web page.


Computer Access to DSS Inquiry Screens

For the Distribution Standard System (DSS)
Access to DSS will allow the customer to inquire shipment status, review carrier manifest, check for multi-pack, determine who the carrier is, check for stock, review the NSN history, check receipts, check MRO history, check CCP receipts, shipments and history, etc.

Requesting DSS access : Every individual who wishes to access DSS will have to submit a new System Access Authorization Request (SAAR) through AMPS. In AMPS they will be requesting the Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) User Role needed to perform their job.