Quality Technical Directorate

Fuel tanksThe Quality Technical Directorate provides the Defense Department with worldwide-integrated quality assurance and technical solutions for DLA Energy products and services, except natural gas and electricity. It serves as the lead standardization activity for Federal Supply Classes 91GP, 9110, 9130, and 9140. A primary function provided include Technical and Quality Assurance (QA) Authority to the DLA Energy Command Staff for energy products and services. The office manages DLA Energy Technical and QA policies, procedures, training, and publications for worldwide DLA Energy products and services used throughout the joint DOD community. To include participation in or presiding as senior DOD representatives at industrial and military standardization meetings like ASTM International, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other similar organizations. It also coordinates and manages quality staffing levels and rotations worldwide between DLA Energy Headquarters, Regions, and Offices. Additionally, it acts as DLA Energy program manager for DLA Energy Research and Development and the DLA Energy Readiness Programs.

Quality Policy and Training Division (AP)

The Quality Policy and Training Division acts as the principal adviser for quality policy and training guidance to the contracting, supply, transportation, and facility functions of DLA Energy. For inquiries about the following, call  571-767-4155.

  • Manages audit efforts across the directorate.
  • Identifies and manages quality and technical automation requirements for use by DLA Energy and the military services.
  • Manages the Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) Trainee program, Commodity Certification Program and J-Course curriculum.
  • Serves as DLA Energy Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act coordination.
  • Manages Quality Assurance Provisions for inspection acceptance and Contract Quality Assurance requirements for product and service contracts.
  • Manages coordination and governance of policy documents and efforts across the Directorate.

Quality Operations Division (AQ)

The Quality Operations Division acts as the principal adviser for DLA Energy on Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Surveillance (QS) support for all DLA Energy services, product, supply, transportation, and facility contracts. For inquiries about the following, call 571-767-8738.

  • Manages QA/QS program for DLA Energy.
  • Performs Quality System Management visits at DLA Energy Region locations to determine compliance with QA and QS policy.
  • Supports DLA Energy’s purchase of products and services.
  • Issues guidance and procedures for the QA and QS programs and stock rotation based on DOD and DLA policy.
  • Leads QA and QS investigations and manages product disposition requests to reclaim, regrade, or dispose of off-specification product.
  • Manages the DLA Energy Laboratory system consisting of Government and commercial laboratories.

Product Technology and Standardization Division (AT)A chemist tests biofuel

The Product Technology and Standardization Division acts as the principal adviser for DLA Energy technical engineering support for DLA Energy managed products, services, contracts, and R&D efforts. For inquiries about the following, call 571-425-5635.

  • Serves as technical engineering SME for DLA Energy on all technical issues related to Petroleum Quality Information System, specifications, product applications, and the supply chain.
  • Supports DLA Energy’s purchase of products and services.
  • Manages DLA Energy Standardization program by working with government agencies and industry to resolve technical issues with specifications, test methods and quality issues.
  • Performs and reviews cataloging actions on new and revised item catalog identification for DLA Energy managed products and services to include standard price (unit cost) updates each fiscal year.
  • Leads coordination of technical guidance on environmental regulations and alternative fuel projects to include providing comments to Congress on draft policy rulings.

Additional Contacts

The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your quality and technical support needs.

Title Phone Number
Quality Technical Director 571-767-8360
Quality Technical Deputy Director 571-767-0021

Quality Technical News

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DLA Energy celebrates two new Hall of Fame members

Jean Cox, the former comptroller for DLA Energy Finance, and James Young, the former quality manager for DLA Aerospace Energy, were inducted into the DLA Energy Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the McNamara Headquarters Complex at Fort Belvoir,

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DLA Energy helps Fort Carson soldiers save $260,000 in potential fuel lo...

DLA Energy quality assurance representatives worked alongside soldiers to recirculate over 60,000 gallons of off-specification fuel and save nearly $260,000 in potential fuel losses at two tactical vehicle refueling stations on Fort Carson, Colorado.

Enterprisewide | June 22, 2023

DLA Energy Acquisition Workforce Symposium

DLA Energy welcomed 440 employees in person and virtually for the 2023 Acquisition Workforce Symposium at the McNamara Headquarters Complex on Fort Belvoir, Virginia, June 13-15.