DLA Energy Products

A military member examines a sample of Jet A Jet fuel

DLA Energy provides energy to the military services, the Department of Defense and other federal agencies at more than 4,000 locations worldwide.

DLA Energy manages petroleum products – jet fuels, aviation and automotive gasoline, heating oil and lubricants – in addition to coal, natural gas, electricity, alternative fuels and missile fuels. The major fuels DLA Energy procures are JP5, a high flash jet fuel used shipboard by the Navy; JP8, a kerosene-based jet fuel comparable to commercial jet fuel; Jet A1, a commercial jet fuel with additive; and F76, a naval diesel fuel.

For more information on each of the products DLA Energy manages, you can reference the list of products on the drop-down list to the left or browse the major product areas below:

Aerospace Energy

DLA Energy Aerospace Energy manages the worldwide acquisition of missile fuels, liquid propellants for space launch and satellites, aviator’s breathing oxygen and other bulk industrial chemicals and gases – including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, and helium.

Bulk Petroleum Products

DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Products provides contract support for the bulk petroleum supply chain, including worldwide military jet fuel and marine diesel fuel requirements (JAA/JA1, JP8, JP5, F76 and EN590). 

Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity

DLA Energy is partnering with and enabling the military services and whole-of-government partners to achieve their climate change goals.

Direct Delivery Fuels

DLA Energy Direct Delivery Fuels provides worldwide acquisition and integrated materiel management of commercial fuels delivered directly to military and federal civilian customers. 

Installation Energy

Installation Energy offers acquisition support for facility energy requirements such as coal, natural gas, electricity commodity purchase support, renewable energy credit purchases, long term renewable energy project development and energy savings performance initiatives.

Government Fuel Cards

DLA Energy’s Government Fuel Card Program Management office performs overall program management responsibilities, training and support for DLA’s customer purchasing tools used worldwide.

AIR Card

The U.S. Government AIR Card® Program is a government program that provides the Department of Defense military services and federal civilian agencies a means to procure aviation fuel, fuel-related supplies and approved ground services worldwide.

Fleet Card

The Department of Defense Fleet Card Program uses a fuel charge card to provide the DoD and U.S. Coast Guard a means to procure ground fuel, parts, maintenance and roadside assistance worldwide at commercial service stations while conducting official government business.

Logistics Fuel Card

Established in 2022, the Logistics Fuel Card Program is a dual platform card solution that provides the DoD and Federal Civilian agencies with a means to only procure fuel worldwide at commercial locations for storage tanks in support of official government business. 

SEA Card

The SEA Card® program is DLA Energy’s efficient, easy-to-use, secure Internet-based solution to marine fuel procurement challenges.

Swipe SEA Card

The Swipe SEA Card® program provides the services and federal agency users with a charge card to purchase fuel up to the simplified acquisition threshold of $250,000.