Federal Agencies

Federal agencies are authorized use of the majority of DLA Energy’s supply programs. In some cases DLA Energy is an identified mandatory supply source (Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 8.002, “Priorities for use of mandatory Government sources”). Below is information about the supply programs available to Federal agencies from DLA Energy including points of contact that can fully address a Federal agency’s needs.

If this information and the links do not resolve your inquiry, please call or email the DLA Customer Interaction Center at 1-800-446-4950 or

Our Mission

DLA Energy’s mission is to enable mission readiness by providing globally resilient energy solutions to the Warfighter and Whole of Government. Our mission includes a wide number of non-DOD customers including U.S. Government departments, agencies, bureaus, etc. including Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches; DOD Contractors; Federal Contractors; Commercial Space Launch; Foreign Governments; and others (limited authority for state and local governments, aircraft visiting military facilities, humanitarian needs, and emergency conditions).


DLA Energy, a major subordinate command of the Defense Logistics Agency, is a mandatory supply source for the bulk petroleum requirements of the United States Government (Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 8.002(a)(1)(v)). By purchasing petroleum for the entire United States Government, all Department of Defense and Federal Agencies get the benefit of extensive competition for the United States Government’s procurement dollars and the knowledge of 1,000 DLA Energy employee specialists in contracting, supply chain management, transportation, and petroleum quality operations. Federal agencies can obtain fuel at military bases, have fuel delivered to agency owned or controlled bulk fuel tanks, purchase fuel at over 7,000 airports worldwide, obtain marine fuels at marinas or contract for large quantities of ship propulsion fuels through DLA Energy’s online contracting system. Other authorities enable Federal agencies to use our other products as listed below. 

Supply Programs Available to Federal Agencies

Federal agency customers are eligible to participate in the following DLA Energy supply programs:

  1. Aerospace EnergyBulk Industrial Chemicals and Gases: These products and services are available to all U.S. Government organizations.
  2. Bulk Petroleum ProductsMilitary Specification Fuels: These products are available to all U.S. Government organizations at U.S. Department of Defense airfields and ports and through some Allied Nations’ military airfields and ports.
  3. Direct Delivery Fuels Commercial Specification Fuels: These products are available to all U.S. Government organizations world-wide for delivery into U.S. Government owned or controlled bulk fuel storage facilities.
  4. Installation EnergyCoal, Electricity, Natural Gas, Demand Response, and Energy Savings Performance Contracts: Federal agencies interested in participation should contact the Installation Energy team.
  5. Fuel Card ProgramsFuel Purchases at Commercial Airports, Seaports, and Marinas:  The Aviation Intoplane Reimbursement Card (AIRCARD®), Ships Easy Acquisition Card (SEACARD®) and Ships Easy Acquisition Card (SEACARD®) Swipe card are DLA Energy’s government-wide fuel card programs for petroleum.

Supply Program Limitations for Petroleum Requirements

There are a few petroleum requirements that are best managed by our Federal agency partners. 

  1. DLA Energy does not support Federal agency on road vehicle fleet card programs.  These are managed by each Federal agency based on the General Services Administration SMARTPAY3® contract.
  2. DLA Energy does not generally issue contracts for vendor direct delivery of fuel to customer tanks when the annual requirement is less than 10,000 gallons (41 CFR 101-26.603.3).  Federal agencies with annual requirements less than 10,000 gallons for a federal installation are not required to coordinate those requirements with DLA Energy.
  3. DLA Energy contracting and support is challenged in parts of the world where petroleum infrastructure and commercial business processes are not well developed.  DLA Energy will evaluate each customer’s requirements to determine if DLA Energy can effectively support the customer’s location.

Supply Programs Available to Federal Agency Contractors

Federal contractors requiring petroleum support at military bases are eligible to apply for a Fuel Purchase Authorization (FPA). The authority for the FPA flows from the Federal agency contract. Specific requirements are available from

Interagency Agreements for Support

The United States Treasury is developing the G-Invoice system to manage interagency support and billing through the Intergovernmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) system . DLA Energy has legacy interagency agreements with most Federal agencies for current support. These agreements will transition to the G-Invoice system requirements by October 1, 2022. Agencies are required to identify billable lines of accounting for all business activity with DLA Energy.

Petroleum Resource Information

Energy Product Pricing Information

DLA Energy is not permitted to profit from sales to Federal agencies. DLA Energy bills the cost of the product and a fee to recover overhead costs. Product costs for petroleum and aerospace products depend on DLA Energy’s acquisition cost by supply program. The petroleum overhead fee is based on an annually determined cost plus rate (CPR) billed by the number of gallons of fuel delivered.

Energy-related Information Systems Support

Enterprise External Business Portal – Order placement and related services for customers ordering fuel from DLA Energy contracted vendors for delivery to a government owned or controlled bulk fuel tank.

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) – Access to the Invoice, Receipt, Acceptance and Property Transfer (iRAPT) module for customer acceptance of fuel delivered by DLA Energy contracted vendors into a government owned or controlled bulk fuel tank.

DLA Customer Interaction Center – Support for DLA Energy-specific information management systems (e.g., Enterprise External Business Portal (EEBP), Fuel Manager Defense, Fuels Control Center, and other Energy-related information systems"