SEA Card®


The U.S. Government Ships’ bunkers Easy Acquisition Card program, also known as the SEA Card® program, is DLA Energy’s efficient, easy-to-use, secure Internet-based solution to program that resolves marine fuel procurement challenges. The SEA Card® Online is an electronic order, receipt and invoice system that allows military services, U.S. Coast Guard and authorized federal agency vessels to purchase fuel from commercial ship refueling merchants at ports worldwide. Fuel orders can be directly placed to DLA Energy bunker contracted suppliers, or if a port does not have a bunker contract in place, the vessel can place an order through a competitive quote Open Market “spot buy” process.

Establishing an Account

Accounts are established through the military service or DoD Agency Component Program Manager. An ordering officer and an accountable official must be nominated and appointed in writing to ensure the accuracy, propriety and legality of every purchase. The AO must be a government or military employee, not a contractor employee.


Online training tutorials are available for system users that provide step-by-step processes to order, update and approve fuel deliveries when using SEA Card® Online. Certification training for AOs is available, which is mandatory within 30 days of appointment, in the Joint Lessons Learned Info System (formerly DLA Energy Portal).Users who already have a JLLIS account can use this direct link to the instructions . Note: This link is Common Access Card/Personal Identity Verification card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, use your PIV certificate if you have one, otherwise use your email certificate.

Authorized Purchases

Marine Gas Oil, IFO-180, IFO-380, and DF2 are available fuel types. Approved ancillary charges such as demurrage, backhaul, overtime and boom fees are deemed appropriate for contract and open market purchases.

Customer Support

Ordering officers, AOs and merchants can all benefit from 24/7 customer support when using SEA Card® Online system. Users can call 866-308-5475 for domestic locations or international at 913-217-9329. Email support is available at


User IDs and passwords are issued to each SEA Card® Online user, which provides a secure access to vessel accounts. File transmissions are delivered between SEA Card® Online, DLA Energy and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service using secure file transfer protocol servers.

Program Benefits

Program benefits include:

  • Efficient and secure Internet-based ordering, receipt and invoice mechanism
  • Real-time history, bunker reporting and management data
  • Streamlines open market purchase process
  • Eliminates paper DD1155 and ensures accuracy with payment documentation with electronic reporting to DFAS
  • Virtual dispute resolution tool
  • Worldwide coverage


The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your SEA Card® needs.

DLA Energy Contacts

Title Phone Email
SEA Card® Program Manager 703-589-6049
U.S. Army Customer Account Specialist 571-732-5487
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Customer Account Specialist 571-363-8765
Federal Civ. Agencies Customer Account Specialist 571-363-7967


Service Component Program Manager Contacts


Title Phone DSN Email
U.S. Army, HQDA, G4 703-614-1066 312-224-1066 N/A
Dept. of Navy, Consolidated Card Program Mgt. 717-605-1040 312-432-1040
          Additional Navy contact 717-605-1937 N/A N/A
U.S. Coast Guard Energy Program 757-513-5594 N/A
          Additional USCG contact 757-675-9390 N/A N/A
          Additional USCG contact 757-366-6520 N/A N/A
          After duty hours contact 757-675-9390 N/A N/A