About DLA Energy

DLA Energy procures fuels used for replenishments at sea

With a history that spans more than 70 years, dating back to World War II, Defense Logistics Agency Energy enables mission readiness by providing globally resilient energy solutions to the Warfighter and Whole of Government.

Find out more about how DLA Energy is organized, its mission and vision, leadership and history. You can also access a library with more information about DLA Energy, or read news from across the organization.

Mission & Vision


The Defense Logistics Agency Energy’s mission is to enable mission readiness by providing globally resilient energy solutions to the Warfighter and Whole of Government.


DLA Energy’s vision is to be the trusted leader in innovative energy solutions aligned with the speed of change.

Core Values

Leadership, Professionalism, and Technical Knowledge through Dedication to Duty, Integrity, Ethics, Honor, Courage, and Loyalty.


DLA Energy’s goals are aligned with the Defense Logistics Agency Strategic Plan:

  • Warfighter Always: Tailored solutions to drive readiness
  • Support to the Nation: Deliberate approach, without tradeoff to the Warfighter
  • Trusted Mission Partner: Transparency and accountability to our customers
  • Modernized Acquisition and Supply Chain Management: Leading in logistics to deliver best value and manage risk
  • Future of Work: Adapting to new ways of working


A portrait of U.S. Navy Captain Brian Anderson
Navy Captain Brian Anderson
Commander, DLA Energy
David R. Kless
David R. Kless
Deputy Commander, DLA Energy
Army Col. Ben Kilgore
Army Colonel Ben Kilgore
Chief of Staff, DLA Energy

About Energy News

Energy | April 5, 2024

DLA Energy celebrates Women’s History Month

DLA Energy employees celebrated Women’s History Month at the DLA McNamara Headquarters Complex, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, March 26.

Enterprisewide | April 2, 2024

DLA Energy Shadow Program participants: Where are they now?

The DLA Energy Shadow Program helps rising employees envision themselves in positions of greater responsibility and leadership. Read about how the program helped four employees take on leadership roles.

Enterprisewide | March 12, 2024

Joint fuel community attends week-long strategic planning events

More than 300 petroleum leaders, including representatives from combatant commands and service control point partners, attended Joint Petroleum Week held in the McNamara Headquarters Complex at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Feb. 26 to March 1.