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Applications | Feb. 24, 2022

EPoS - Electronic Point of Sale System for Energy

EPoS Information

The Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system is DLA Energy’s front-line customer and business partner-facing system. EPoS is used to capture real-time military fleet management fuel retail transactions at unattended military service stations, mobile ground fuel transactions, and aviation fuel transactions for mobile airfield/flight line operations. EPoS meets the current standards for Cybersecurity, complies with the security control requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Audit Readiness.

For the past 20 years, DLA Energy customers have been using the Automated Fuel Service Stations (AFSS) to obtain fuel at its 600+ capitalized fuel service stations. The EPoS system replaces AFSS as a modern, secure, and auditable fuel transaction processing system.


  • Advanced pedestals and rugged mobile devices validating all Authorized Purchase Source Media (APSM) at point of sale resulting in fewer errors
  • Mobile tablets performing transactions where needed
  • Able to operate with and without connectivity


  • Uses data encryption for all transactions
  • Communicates using secure Cellular/Satellite connectivity
  • Uses a permission roll-based system to control access


  • Meets current Audit Readiness standards
  • Captures and associates Evidential Matter (EM) with transactions
  • Requires customer signature on manual transactions  

EPoS Four Major Components

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) System Overview

  1. Active Directory – manages users, devices, security, and device connectivity.
    1. All devices on DLA owned EPoS network domain
    2. Manage users, devices, security, and the connectivity of mobile and fixed devices
    3. Special internet of things (IOT) network provided by AT&T.
  2. Enterprise – validates purchase media, manages customer master data.
    1. Manages dispatch activities at airfields
    2. Generates, Quick Response (QR) codes used for customer payment and fuel equipment identification, validates Authorized Purchase Source Media (APSM) and captures required EM
    3. Provides detailed analytics and reports
  3. Mobile Devices - computer tablets used for custody transfer activities at DFSPs.
    1. Tablet computers used for all custody transfer activities, including Sales, Credits, Reissues, Receipts, Shipments, Inflight, Returns to Bulk, Fill Stands and Inventory transactions
    2. Operates with and without network connectivity, allowing for offline purchases
    3. Captures Evidential Matter in support of DLA’s auditability efforts. 
  4. Fixed Devices – pedestals authenticating fuel purchases at fuel service stations.
    1. Captures Fleet transactions at service station, customer identification, limits fuel purchases to authorized fuel types
    2. Scans customer QR codes for fuel purchases
    3. Operates with and without network connectivity, allowing for offline purchases.

DLA Energy Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) Fixed Device

VIDEO | 07:28 | DLA Energy Fixed Sales Device Overview

This video presents the Gasboy Islander PRIME Fuel Island as the DLA Energy Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) fixed device. This video demonstrates the process of purchasing fuel using this user-friendly and secure self-serve fuel island pedestal.

Use this guide and user fueling scenario to learn to use the fixed pedestal. 

For additional videos, see Helpful Resources to access the FuelsTraining portal website.

When will the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) System be available?

The EPoS System will be deployed by geographical regions following a pre-determined deployment schedule: 

  • Early 2022: Select Defense Fuel Support Points (DFSPs)

  • Fall 2022: Full deployment begins with CONUS locations

  • Fall 2024: Full deployment completed

The Service Control Points can provide additional information regarding the EPoS System and/or deployment schedule.

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Assistance and Contact Information

DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

If EPoS assistance is needed or you have other questions, call the CIC at 1-800-446-4950 or email