Utility Services


DLA Energy Utility Services manages the utility services contracting mission supporting the utilities privatization programs of Service partners.

It provides pre- and post-award contracting and technical expertise for Service partners privatizing government-owned utility systems of water, wastewater, electric, thermal and natural gas under authority of Title 10 U.S.C. § 2688. It acts as the procurement, program management and technical liaison with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Energy for utility services contracting done in conjunction with the privatization of utility systems.

Aerial view of an installations' fuel facilitiesContracted support includes contracting and technical pre- and post-award support for the following utility systems:

  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater collection
  • Electric distribution
  • Thermal
  • Natural gas distribution
  • Water plant
  • Wastewater plant

Upon receipt of requirements, a request for proposals issuance schedule will be provided for reference.

All Utility Services solicitations are available on the website by searching Contract Opportunities for "SP0600" under keyword. 

Utility Service Administration Map (PDF) is available for reference

Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Management Program

Commonly Used Websites:

How To Obtain Various Registrations/Roles:

How To Approve/Reject Invoices:

COR Reference and Guidance information:

Commonly Used Forms:

Post Conveyance Review Schedule (PDF)

Points of Contact

For more information about working with DLA Energy for your utility service needs, please contact the following:

Title Phone Number
Utility Services Director 571-767-5926
Utility Services Deputy Director 571-767-5927
Utility Services COR Program Managers 571-767-9167 or 9169

Utility Services News

Enterprisewide | Sept. 1, 2022

DLA Energy extends utility services partnership with U.S. Navy

The Department of Navy is extending its partnership with DLA Energy to privatize more government-owned utility systems on Navy installations nationwide. 

Enterprisewide | June 2, 2022

DLA Energy intern participates in shadow program

Eager to expand her career horizons and professional skill set, contract specialist Monica Martin applied for the DLA Energy Virtual Shadow Program to learn more about the diverse products and services procured within DLA Energy.

Enterprisewide | Feb. 1, 2022

Energy support to Fort Hood, a Utilities Privatization success story

A new video about DLA Energy’s Utilities Privatization supporting Fort Hood, Texas, highlights the successes of a DLA Energy program to help military installations with utilities privatization and energy resiliency efforts.