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Having security certificate issues? While most computers automatically recognize public Certification Authorities (CAs) that are trusted to validate the identity of the secure (HTTPS) websites, many .MIL sites are verified through private DoD CAs whose certificates require manual installation by a local system administrator. IT departments within the DoD typically install and update these certificates for their employees automatically, but there are occasions that updates do not reach all user workstations and a manual installation becomes necessary.  Non-DoD agencies, private sector organizations and home users do not typically have DoD CA certificates installed on their computers and will more than likely be required to complete the steps on the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) guide  in order to access many DLA resources.


Wide Area Workflow is a secure, Web-based system for electronic invoicing, receipt and acceptance. WAWF allows government vendors to submit and track invoices and receipt/acceptance documents over the Web, and allows government personnel to process those invoices in a real-time, paperless environment. It is also the only application that will be used to capture the Unique Identification of Tangible Items information.

WAWF is in accordance with the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act (DFARS 252.232-7003/252.232.7003 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests - January 2004), which requires claims for payment under a Department of Defense contract to be submitted in electronic form.

As of March 3, 2008, DoD has issued a final rule amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation supplement, or DFARS, to require use of the Wide Area Workflow as the only acceptable electronic system for submitting requests for payment (invoices and receiving reports) under DoD contracts.

WAWF Benefits

  • Improves cash flow management
  • Eliminate lost documents
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Global accessibility of documents
  • Audit capability
  • Provides a free, Web-based system

Point of Contact

For DLA Energy-specific WAWF questions, email inquires to