Government Fuel Card Program

DLA Energy’s Government Fuel Card Program Management office performs overall program management responsibilities, training and support for DLA’s customer purchasing tools used worldwide: the Aviation Intoplane Reimbursement Card®, Ships’ Bunkers Easy Acquisition Card Order Management System®, Swipe SEA Card® and DoD Fleet Card.

The card program office works directly with the DoD Purchase Card program officials, General Services Administration SmartPay®2 Program Office, GSA Contracting Office, Office of Management and Budget and the Inspector General officials to coordinate all government-wide charge card guidance and support to more than 70,000 card holding customers and their component program managers.

The following sections provide details on what each card is and where they can be used.

Aviation Into-plane Reimbursement Card®

AIR Card® Program

The U.S. Government AIR Card® Program is a government program that provides the Department of Defense military services and federal civilian agencies a means to procure aviation fuel, fuel-related supplies and approved ground services worldwide at both DLA Energy contract locations and commercial airports. The program is based on a charge card, which can be electronically swiped, mechanically imprinted or hand scribed onto a commercial delivery ticket, or DD1898. For more information on using the U.S. Government AIR Card® Program visit the AIR Card® Program page.

Department of Defense Fleet Card

DoD Fleet Card Program

The Department of Defense Fleet Card Program uses a fuel charge card to provide the DoD and U.S. Coast Guard a means to procure ground fuel, parts, maintenance and roadside assistance worldwide at commercial service stations while conducting official government business. The DoD Fleet card is limited to vehicles owned or leased by the DoD. The General Service Administration wet-leased vehicles are not covered under this program. The program is managed by DLA Energy under a tailored task order with the GSA Smart Pay®3 contract. The GSA SmartPay®3 contract was awarded to three banks based on their proposals meeting all the requirements of the contract. After evaluating each proposal against the DoD Fleet Card program requirements, DLA Energy selected U.S. Bank/Voyager as the DoD Fleet Card contractor. For more information on the DoD Fleet Card Program visit the DoD Fleet Card Program page.

Logistics Fuel Card Program 

Logistics Fuel Card Program

The Logistics Fuel Card Program is a dual platform card solution that provides the DoD and Federal Civilian agencies with a means to procure ground fuel only worldwide at commercial service stations for storage tanks in support of official government business. The program is managed by DLA Energy under a tailored task order with the GSA Smart Pay® contract. For more information on the card program visit the Logistics Fuel Card Program page.

U.S. Government Ships’ bunkers Easy Acquisition Card

SEA Card® Program

The SEA Card® program is DLA Energy’s efficient, easy-to-use, secure Internet-based solution to marine fuel procurement challenges. The SEA Card® Order Management System, known as SEA Card® Online, is an electronic order, receipt and invoice system that allows military services, U.S. Coast Guard and authorized federal agency vessels to purchase fuel from commercial ship refueling merchants at ports worldwide. Fuel orders can be directly placed to DLA Energy bunker contracted suppliers, or if a port does not have a bunker contract in place, the vessel can place an order through a competitive quote Open Market “spot buy” process. For more information on the SEA Card® Program visit the SEA Card® Program page.

U.S. Government Swipe SEA Card®

Swipe SEA Card® Program

The Swipe SEA Card® program provides the services and federal agency users with a charge card to purchase fuel up to the simplified acquisition threshold of $250,000. The card is intended for use at marinas where small boats can “gas and go.” Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Case 2009-D019 provides the approval for DoD to exceed the micro-purchase threshold. For more information on the Swipe SEA Card® Program visit the Swipe SEA Card® Program page.


The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your fuel card needs.

Title Phone Email
AIR Card® Program Manager 703-589-6049
SEA Card® Program Manager 703-589-6049
Fleet Card Program Manager 703-589-6125
LOGFUEL Card Program Manager 703-589-6125
Swipe SEA Card® Program Manager 703-589-6125
U.S. Army Customer
Account Specialist
U.S. Air Force Customer
Account Specialist
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps
Customer Account Specialist
Federal Civilian Agencies
Customer Account Specialist

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