DLA Energy Europe & Africa


DLA Energy Europe & Africa provides comprehensive solutions for energy requirements in the U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command areas of responsibility.

The office serves as the theater item manager for bulk fuel distribution and storage for U.S. forces in Europe and Africa, as well as NATO, Eastern European and Baltic nations, and those operating under the auspices of the United Nations. This geographic responsibility covers all of Europe and Africa, extending from 500 miles off the Atlantic coast of the United States to the Pacific coast of Russia—spanning eighteen time zones.

Points of Contact

If you need assistance in the Europe & Africa region, you may contact the following offices. After hours or during the weekend, you may contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center at 1-877-DLA-CALL (1-877-352-2255).

Title From U.S. Local Phone DSN Phone
Commander 011-49-6317-106-9787 06317-106-9787 324-206-9787
Deputy Director 011-49-6317-106-9787 06317-106-9787 324-206-9787
Operations 011-49-6317-106-9854 06317-106-9854 324-206-9854
Contract/Procurement 011-49-6317-106-9783 06317-106-9783 324-206-9783
International Agreements 011-49-6317-106-9784 06317-106-9784 324-206-9784
Quality 011-49-6317-408-9706 06317-408-9706 324-408-9706
Lab 011-49-6317-408-9710 06317-408-9710 324-408-9710


DLA Energy Europe & Africa News

Enterprisewide | Oct. 7, 2022

$48 million collected from international fuel exchanges

More than $48 million will be added to the DOD Working Capital Fund after a DLA Finance Energy team settled several fuel direct bill and FEA invoices with international partners at the DLA Energy Fuels Exchange Agreements Forum in

Enterprisewide | Oct. 3, 2022

DLA Energy hosts 17th annual international Fuels Exchange Agreement Forum

Representatives from 13 countries met in person to talk fuel infrastructure, future operations, future initiatives, challenges, and increased partnership opportunities during the 17th annual DLA Energy Fuels Exchange Agreement Forum in

Enterprisewide | June 1, 2022

New fuel commanders learn roles and responsibilities

Six incoming and outgoing DLA Energy regional military commanders participated in a two-day course to prepare them for their role and responsibilities as fuel providers to Combatant Commands at the McNamara Headquarters Complex on Fort Belvoir,