DLA Energy Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame graphic featuring the DLA emblemThe DLA Energy Hall of Fame began in 2016 when Air Force Brig. Gen. Mark McLeod was the DLA Energy commander. In his remarks during the May 19, 2016, induction ceremony, McLeod said, “Today, we begin a tradition of honoring those among us who continually went above and beyond; turning fuel into capability and Energy heritage into a proud and enduring legacy.”

The DLA Energy Hall of Fame was established to honor and preserve the memory of past associates for their exceptional leadership, service, dedication to duty and contributions in supporting the DLA mission. They were not chosen because of their position or rank. They earned the recognition for their long and lasting impact on the DLA Energy legacy.

DLA Energy has a proud history dating back to World War II. Over the last 75 plus years, the agency has grown and gone through several name changes, notably DFSC to Defense Energy Support Center and in 2010, became DLA Energy. During that time, we expanded from petroleum to include coal, aviation fuel, aerospace propellants, natural gas, electricity, utilities, solar power, hydrogen power, synthetics fuels and other alternative fuel and renewable energy sources as new procurement, research and development initiatives materialized.

Congratulations to all of the DLA Energy Hall of Fame members!

* Indicates person was also inducted into the DLA Hall of Fame

Year Inductees

         Jean Cox, the former comptroller for DLA Energy Finance

         James Young, the former quality manager for DLA Aerospace Energy


Linda Barnett, the former deputy director of DLA Energy Customer Operations

Kate Straub-Jones, the former chief of the Acquisition Workforce Development and Intern Center

Paul Dupoise, a former logistics management specialist in DLA Energy Operations, Plans and Operations Directorate


Martin Harty, former DLA Energy counsel

Lee Oppenheim, former Quality Technical deputy director


Michael Broderick, former Business Process Support Directorate director

Lula Manley, former Small Business associate director


*Kay Bushman, former senior counsel for DLA Energy Office of Counsel

Lawrence C. Ervin, former chief of Defense Fuel Supply Center’s Office of Market Research and Analysis

Retired Army Colonel Gregory Gibbons, former Commander of Defense Fuel Region Middle East, Bahrain

Kathy Williams, former chief of DLA Energy Office of Small Business Programs


*Kathryn Fantasia, former Direct Delivery Fuels director

Retired Army Colonel Robert Jarvis, former commander of Defense Fuel Region Middle East, Bahrain

Carol O’Leary, former DLA Finance for Energy director

Paul Rogers (posthumously honored), former deputy director of the Chief Environmental Division, DLA Installation Support for Energy


Army Colonel Gary W. Bradley (posthumously honored), served in a number of petroleum positions including the quality assurance representative in the Middle East, operations and maintenance officer with NATO’s Central Europe Pipeline Systems, commander of the 505th Quartermaster Battalion in Japan, and commander of Defense Energy Support Center Europe and Africa

Retired Navy Captain Michael D. Hooth, former director of the Directorate of Facilities Management and director of the Directorate of Supply Operations

Calvin Martin, served in multiple positions including environmental control officer for the Defense Fuel Supply Center, director of Quality Assurance and Technical Operations and deputy director for the Business Integration Center.

*Sharon Murphy, former director of the Aerospace Directorate


John Bartenhagen, served in a number of positions within DLA Energy, formerly known as the Defense Fuel Supply Center and the Defense Energy Support Center

Edward Biddle, former deputy director of Contracting and Production in acquisition management and contracting

*Donald Peschka, former chief of the Contracting Division of Bulk Fuels

William Robinson, former deputy director of the organization and deputy director and director of the Bulk Petroleum/Fuels.

Two of the inaugural inductees were honored with a posthumous induction

Marshall Gore, Jr., former chief of Facilities Management

William Moon, former distribution manager of DLA Energy Americas