Swipe SEA Card®


The Swipe Ships’ Bunkers Easy Acquisition Card, or Swipe SEA Card®, program provides the military services and federal agency users with a charge card to purchase fuel up to the simplified acquisition threshold. The card is intended for use at marinas where small boats can “gas and go.” Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Case 2009-D019 provides the approval for DoD to exceed the micro-purchase threshold of $10,000.

Account Setup

Requests for new accounts should be entered on the DLA Energy Account and Vessel Setup forms. Completed forms should be submitted to component program managers for approval. DLA Energy account managers will receive the approved forms from the component program managers and convert the data onto the U.S. Bank application form for processing. Accounts will not be established without supporting documentation, which includes the accountable official, Certifying Nomination form and DD577, with all required forms made available on the program page. Note: This link is Common Access Card/Personal Identity Verification card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, use your PIV certificate if you have one, otherwise use your email certificate.

Authorized Purchases

Fuel is the only authorized item that can be purchased using the card. Non-fuel items or charges are prohibited.

Accepting Locations

Any merchant or business accepting Master Card branded charge cards will accept the Swipe SEA Card®.


Card benefits include:

  • A purchase mechanism for transactions over micro-purchase threshold
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Standard pricing
  • Interfund billing

Management Controls

Management controls associated with the card include:

  • Random sampling
  • Annual program reviews
  • Annual component program manager policy reviews
  • Merchant category codes
  • Purchase transaction and dollar limits
  • Convenience checks and automated teller machine withdraws prohibited

Misuse and Gratuities

It is the responsibility of each individual related to the use and/or management of the Government Fuel Card Programs to ensure that cards are used appropriately, and that transaction records are reviewed and maintained to ensure the highest integrity of the Government Fuel Card Programs. In addition, each individual shall ensure the appropriate administrative and disciplinary action is taken and documented when fraudulent fuel card transactions are found. The accountable official shall provide a memo to the card user’s chain of command of the infraction, and shall follow up to ensure appropriate actions are taken and documented, including the following:

  • Documented disciplinary actions are reported to the respective component program managers on all fraudulent transactions.
  • Local guidance and procedures are established to ensure card users are aware of proper card use, limitations on use, and when and where to turn in transaction receipts.
  • Immediately notify the respective component program manager when an investigation for alleged or suspected fraud, misuse or abuse of the DLA Energy-sponsored fuel charge card is initiated.


Role-based training is available for card users, agency program coordinators, accountable officials and certifying officers. Note: This link is Common Access Card/Personal Identity Verification card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, use your PIV certificate if you have one, otherwise use your email certificate.

Roles and Responsibilities

Many individuals play key roles in the success of the program. They are listed below with their primary responsibilities:

  • Agency Program Coordinator: APCs manage the Swipe SEA Card® Program at the command level, communicate policy and procedures from DLA Energy to program participants, and ensure policy is followed by program participants.
  • Accountable Official: AOs manage the Swipe SEA Card® Program at the activity or unit level, and are the first line of defense to ensure fraud is not committed. The also ensure policy is followed by card users.
  • Certifying Officer: COs ensure fuel purchases are accurate and create obligations for fuel purchases.
  • Card User: Card users use the Swipe SEA Card® to purchase fuel, should ensure fraud is not committed and follow Swipe SEA Card® policy.


The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your Swipe SEA Card® needs.

DLA Energy Contacts

Title Phone Number Email
Swipe SEA Card® Program Manager 703-589-6125
U.S. Army Customer Account Specialist 571-732-5487
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Customer Account Specialist 571-363-8765
Federal Civ. Agencies Customer Account Specialist 571-363-7967


Service Component Program Manager Contacts

Title Phone Number DSN Email
U.S. Army, HQDA, G4 703-614-1066 224-1066 N/A
Dept. of Navy, Consolidated Card Program Mgt. 717-605-1937 430-1937
     Additional Navy contact 717-605-3041 430-3041 N/A
U.S. Coast Guard Energy Program 757-513-5594 N/A
     Additional USCG contact 757-579-6134 N/A N/A
     Additional USCG contact 757-413-7282 N/A N/A
     After duty USCG contact 757-675-9390 N/A N/A