Small Business
Small businesses provide critical resources that contribute to DLA's mission. DLA is committed to providing all categories of small businesses an opportunity to participate in DLA acquisitions.

DLA Intelligence provides enterprisewide agency policy, program and worldwide operational support for the following programs: Intelligence, Counterintelligence (CI), Special Security Office (SSO), Special Programs, Personnel Security (PERSEC), Information Security (INFOSEC), Operations Security (OPSEC), Industrial Security, and Foreign Disclosure (FD). Act as the principal advisor to assist the DLA director and their senior staff, and the commanders of DLA major subordinate commands on the development and implementation of agency intelligence and specified security policies and programs.

General Counsel
General Counsel is the provider of legal services to DLA and the logistics community.

The Chaplain's office provides effective and efficient religious supply support for Religious Affairs personnel, enabling the free exercise of religion across the Department of Defense. it also provide confidential pastoral care and support to DLA employees.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The Equal Employment Opportunity office provides standard effective and efficient enterprisewide equal employment opportunity and diversity programs to all DLA organizations.

Public Affairs 
The DLA Public Affairs Office provides world-class communications support to all aspects of the Defense Logistics Agency. The office helps communicate how the Defense Department’s only combat logistics support agency provides resources to our nation’s men and women serving in the Army, Navy Air Force and Marines, at home and abroad. Public Affairs keeps the public and other government departments and agencies up to date on services DLA offers and provides to them. DLA strives to keep its employees and the general public informed on the most current information regarding logistic support worldwide.

Office of the Inspector General
DLA has a critical mission, supporting the nation’s warfighters. The DLA OIG’s role in that mission is to assist DLA management in making informed decisions to use resources effectively and efficiently, by:

  1. Providing impartial and unbiased findings and recommendations
  2. Facilitating a crime-free work environment for DLA employees and contractors, and
  3. Identifying and mitigating crime conducive conditions and risk