Logistics Fuel Card Program 


The Logistics Fuel Card also known as the LOGFUEL card program is a dual platform card solution that provides the DoD and Federal Civilian agencies with a means to procure ground fuel only worldwide at commercial service stations for storage tanks in support of official government business. The program is managed by DLA Energy under a tailored task order with the GSA Smart Pay® contract.

Establishing an Account

Accounts are established through the customers respective component program manager who ensures the correct billing and account information is provided. An Accountable Official (AO) must be nominated and appointed in writing and it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy, propriety and legality of every invoice and subsequent payment. The AO must be a government or military employee, not a contract employee, and they must complete the Logistics Fuel Card training prior to assuming this responsibility. See applications, policies, and training in the Joint Lessons Learned Info System (formerly DLA Energy Portal). Users who already have a JLLIS account can use this direct link to the instructions . Note: This link is Common Access Card/Personal Identity Verification card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, use your PIV authentication certificate if you have one otherwise use your email certificate.

Fuel Card Processing

Logistics Fuel Card purchases are processed by a dual platform solution. While the fuel transactions are electronically sent to the DLA Energy Enterprise Business Solution (EBS) server by the card provider, it remains the AOs responsibility to approve said transactions in the Card Provider system and to ensure overall that the appropriate purchasing policies are followed, and purchase details are correct. Once ins EBS the fuel transactions will be paid by the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS). The transactions are rolled up by the fuel transaction date and the DoD activity address code, and a document number is assigned creating the services obligation, where applicable, so that once DFAS sends the fuel bill/s to the customer, the customer can submit their reimbursement to DFAS for DLA Energy.

Authorized Purchases

The use of the Logistics Fuel Card constitutes a government order for fuel in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and is subject to the micro-purchase dollar threshold of $10,000.

Misuse and Gratuities

Executive Order 12731 of Oct. 17, 1990, titled “Principals of Ethical Conduct for Government Officers and Employees,” clearly identifies the standard of conduct expected of all card users, to include those under the Logistics Fuel Card. Card users are considered government procurement officials in that they order the fuel and commit the government to purchase said fuel. As such, they shall not misuse the card nor accept gratuities, and they must use the card as authorized for official use only.

Many individuals at the activity level play key roles in the success of the program. They are listed below with their primary responsibilities:

  • Component Program Manager (CPM): CPMs provide service or agency-specific program management and ensure continuity and accountability of the program.
  • Agency Program Coordinator: The APC is the primary liaison for establishing, administering, maintaining and reporting on the Logistics Fuel Card program.
  • Commanding Officer: Provides oversight and management of the Logistics Fuel Card program within their commands.
  • Accountable Official (AO): The AO is responsible for the Logistics Fuel Cards and supporting the certification of transactions. The AO may be held pecuniary liable for erroneous transactions.
  • Certifying Official (CO): The CO is pecuniarily liable for certifying and validating their agency’s fuel invoices.
  • Activity or Organization Point of Contact: If requested by the AO or CO, the A/O POC obtains the Logistics Fuel Card, vehicles, training and other related materials.
  • Card User: The card user is the individual that uses the Logistics Fuel Card for the purchase of authorized fuel. Card users are held responsible to the government for any transaction not made for official government use.

Management Tips

  • Ensure correct billing information is provided when establishing an account.
  • Ensure the Logistics Fuel Card users understand proper procedures.
  • Do not share the Driver ID number associated with each individual Logistics Fuel Card.
  • Monitor accounts for inactive cards.
  • Know what items are authorized for purchase.
  • Stay alert to possible fraudulent activity.


The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your LOGFUEL card needs.

DLA Energy Contacts

Title Phone Email
LOGFUEL Card Program Manager 703-589-6125 DoDLogisticsFuelCard@dla.mil
U.S. Army
Customer Account Specialist
571-732-5487 DoDLogisticsFuelCard@dla.mil
U.S. Air Force
Customer Account Specialist
571-363-7064 DoDLogisticsFuelCard@dla.mil
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps
Customer Account Specialist
571-363-8765 DoDLogisticsFuelCard@dla.mil
Federal Civ. Agencies
Customer Account Specialist
571-363-7967 DoDLogisticsFuelCard@dla.mil


Service Component Program Manager Contacts


Title Phone DSN Email
U.S. Air Force, VSCOS 757-764-4410 312-574-4410 441VSCOS.AF.VehMgt@us.af.mil
          Additional Air Force contact 757-764-4408 312-574-4408 N/A
U.S. Army, HQDA, G4 703-614-1066 312-224-1066 N/A
Dept. of Navy, Consolidated
Card Program Mgt.
717-605-1040 312-432-1040 FleetCards.fct@us.navy.mil
          Additional Navy contact 717-982-4924 N/A N/A
          Additional Navy contact 717-605-4572 N/A N/A
U.S. Coast Guard Energy Program 757-513-5594 N/A N/A