How to Request FOIA Information

There are no formal forms to fill out, we recommend that each request describe the particular record to the fullest extent possible. The request should describe the subject matter of an existing record, and, if known, indicate the date of the record, the place where it originated, and the name of the originating person or office. A FOIA request must be written and must be for DLA Land and Maritime information; a request is appropriate for copies of documents but not appropriate to ask questions under the FOIA law. You may make a request by indicating that you are seeking records under the Freedom of Information Act.

DLA Land and Maritime publications and much regulatory information and data are available for the public through the DLA Land and Maritime FOIA Reading Room and a FOIA request may not be necessary to obtain it. If you have questions about a FOIA request, please contact the DLA Land and Maritime FOIA office by dialing 614-692-3398 or 614-692-4211 or 614-692-3284.

Please keep in mind that the 20 working day time limit begins when we receive your request and does not include Saturday, Sundays, or legal holidays.

• Search, Review and Copy Charges
• Submit your Request Electronically

Label your request "THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST", on both the request and envelope and mail to:

DLA Land and Maritime
Freedom of Information Act Office
3990 E. Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43218-3990

A FOIA request may also be made via E-mail and Fax. Please e-mail your request to or fax to 614-692-4385 or 614-693-1529.

If your request is initially denied in whole or in part, you will be advised of your right to appeal the determination within 60 days. The appellate authorities for DLA Land and Maritime are:

General Counsel
Defense Logistics Agency
ATTN: DGA, Suite 1644
8725 John J. Kingman Rd
Fort Belvoir VA 22060-6221
Fax No. 703-767-6091