Explanation of Evaluation Codes

The evaluation codes used by the PMAT for part evaluation requests are provided below.

- Part approved for use throughout system.
A1 - Part given limited approval; specification for replacement being prepared or specification dated but no QPL.
A2 - Part given limited approval, see remarks.
DO - Part disapproved, use preferred military replacement.
D1 - Part disapproved, military specification in preparation, availability date as specified.
D2 - Part disapproved, use preferred commercial replacement.
D3 - Part disapproved, use preferred non-government standard replacement
TA - Document is adequate for procurement.
TI - Document is inadequate. Revise as specified and resubmit.
TN - No document received.
NO - Insufficient information to evaluate, resubmit with data.
N1 - Part is not under PMAT purview.
N2 - The submitted part is not recommended for approval due to reliability, maintainability, contract restriction, etc. A replacement part of the same form, fit and function is not available. All alternate parts could require redesign.
N3 - Duplicate part number was submitted. Part previously evaluated under log number specified in remarks.

When document evaluations are performed along with a part evaluation, an "A" (adequate for procurement), and "I" (inadequate for procurement) or "N" (for no document received) will follow the part evaluation code (e.g. A0I).

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