DLA Energy's Organization
The Defense Logistics Agency Energy is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, with regional support locations worldwide.

DLA Energy is organized to work with customers and suppliers to accomplish all areas of its mission. Bulk Petroleum Products and Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services provide procurement and distribution of military specification petroleum products, the majority of DLA Energy’s business. Direct Delivery Fuels manages commercial fuels that are delivered directly from the contractor to the customer. Defense Fuel Support Point Management manages fuel terminal and storage operations, including government-owned, contractor-operated and contractor-owned, contractor-operated facilities.

Outside of petroleum, Installation Energy provides support for natural gas, coal, renewable energy, electricity and energy savings performance contracts. Utility Services manages the utility services contracting mission supporting the utility privatization programs of service partners. The Aerospace Energy business unit provides propellants, cryogenics and gases in support of weapon systems and space programs.

If you need assistance from a specific office, their contact information is below.

DLA Energy Command

Title   Phone Number
Commander   571-767-9706
Deputy Commander   571-767-4917
Chief of Staff   571-767-4919
Director of Customer Operations   571-767-9301
Director of Supplier Operations   571-767-8505

DLA Energy Offices in Alphabetical Order

Title   Phone Number
Aerospace Energy
Customer & Supplier Divisions
Bulk Petroleum Products   571-767-9544
Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services   571-767-3541
Business Process Support   571-767-9730
Command Administration Support   571-767-2945
Customer Relationship Management
DLA Counsel - Energy   571-767-5020
DLA Finance Energy   571-767-9484
DLA Information Operations J6F   571-767-0727
DLA Installation Support for Energy   571-767-9284
Defense Fuel Support Point Mgmt   571-767-8438
Direct Delivery Fuels   571-767-8500
Equal Employment Opportunity   571-767-1123
Installation Energy   571-767-8328
Internal Review   571-617-1457
Manpower & Workforce Analysis   571-767-9474
Mobility Fuels   571-767-8420
Plans and Operations   571-767-8420
Procurement Process Support   571-767-9363
Public Affairs   571-767-4108
Quality and Technical Support   571-767-8363
Small Business   703-624-5495
Strategic Programs and Initiatives   571-767-9355
Utility Services   571-767-5927


Title   Phone Number
DLA Energy Americas   713-754-9503
DLA Energy Europe & Africa   011-49-613-411-5352
DLA Energy Middle East   011-973-1785-4661
DLA Energy Pacific   808-473-4292