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Aerospcae Energy is responsible for procurement of cryogenicsDLA Energy Aerospace Energy manages the worldwide acquisition of missile fuels, liquid propellants for space launch and satellites, aviator’s breathing oxygen and other bulk industrial chemicals and gases – including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, and helium. Aerospace Energy provides centralized, cradle-to-grave contracting and logistics support via aggregation of customer requirements and award of government contracts for supplies and services that support customers worldwide, ranging from those in theater – helium to aerostats, aviator breathing oxygen to fighter jets, and hydrazine to the F16s for their emergency power unit – to those in the continental U.S. – Defense Department, space launch, cruise missiles, Homeland Security and NASA, as well as federally funded research and development at universities.

Aerospace Energy provides product distribution and transportation and inventory management of assigned products. Aerospace Energy also provides the services in support of customer requirements, as well as support during the research and development phase of customers’ space and launch programs. It drafts sales contracts with commercial space and launch companies under the authority of the Commercial Space Launch Act and other commercial companies under FAR Part 51 and other regulatory authority. It also provides technical support for the safe transportation of assigned products as well as other hazardous materials. DLA Energy’s Aerospace Energy team hosts technical conferences for the exchange of ideas within customer groups and participates in industry forums to optimize support.

Aerospace Energy solicitations are available on the Federal Business Opportunities website by searching for "SPE601" under keyword and solicitation number.

Reference Documents

A list of standard prices for aerospace products is available for reference. This list only contains products with Department of Defense users.

A list of all aerospace commodities that DLA Energy procures is also available.

Points of Contact
Aerospace Energy procures helium needed for aerostats
The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your aerospace product needs.

  Chief of Supplier Operations
  Deputy of Supplier Operations   210-925-4455
  Chief of Customer Operations
  Deputy of Customer Operations   210-925-7615
  Helium Customer Relationship Branch
  Cryogens Customer Relationship Branch
  Propellants Customer Relationship Branch