DLA Energy Americas provides comprehensive energy support and solutions to the various departments and agencies of the U.S. government, as well as international partners. DLA Energy Americas is one of eight DLA Energy regional offices responsible for the receipt, storage, and distribution of various energy products to DLA Energy customers.

The region’s area of responsibility consists of North, Central and South Americas, plus the Caribbean Island states and territories; a total of 16,632,233 square miles encompassing the 49 contiguous United States and 39 additional countries/territories. DLA Energy Americas is divided into three regional offices and associated areas: DLA Energy Americas East at Houston, Texas; DLA Energy Americas West at San Pedro, California; and DLA Energy Americas North in Alaska. In order to accomplish the DLA Energy Americas mission, a dedicated workforce of federal employees and active duty military personnel provide uninterrupted fuel management and support to the Warfighter at more than 400 Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard installations.

Strategic energy and fuel management support includes distribution, inventory accountability and quality assurance functions of bulk fuel (aviation), bunkers (marine), direct delivery fuels (ground and installation), into-plane (aviation), missile/cryogenic, lube oil and coal. Bulk fuel storage and distribution support includes contract administration and inventory management. DLA Energy Americas supports five combatant commands: U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Southern Command, U.S. Strategic Command, U.S. Transportation Command, U.S. Special Operations Command, and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. DLA Energy Americas also partners with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and contingency contractors for bulk petroleum support for natural or man-made disasters occurring in the U.S in support of Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA).

Points of Contact

If you need assistance in the Americas region, you may contact the following offices. After hours or during the weekend, you may contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center at 1-877-DLA-CALL (1-877-352-2255).

Title Phone Number
DLA Energy Americas
Deputy Director
Director of Operations
Chief of Plans Officer 713-332-4103
U.S. Northern Command Liaison Officer
U.S. Southern Command Liaison Officer
DLA Energy Americas at Houston
Americas at Houston Commander
Deputy Director
Supplier Operations Manager
Quality Manager 713-332-4113
Operations Officer
DLA Energy Americas at San Pedro
Americas at San Pedro Commander
Deputy Director
Quality Manager
Operations Officer
DLA Energy America North  
Commander 907-552-3949
Deputy Director 907-552-5777