Direct Delivery Fuels: Commercial Specification Fuels

Direct Delivery Fuels supports humanitarian aide Overview

DLA Energy Direct Delivery Fuels provides worldwide acquisition and integrated materiel management of commercial fuels delivered directly to military and federal civilian customers. This includes the procurement of commercial specification aviation fuel at commercial airports, commercial ship propulsion fuels at commercial seaports and commercial ground fuels (diesel, gasoline and “green” products) at posts, camps and stations worldwide. In addition, it supports short-notice provisioning of fuel to the warfighter for worldwide contingency operations and humanitarian relief efforts, provides the full range of contract administration activities and technical support using automated information systems, and provides information technology and fuel card acquisition and support services.

Organized Support

Domestic support is divided into customer organized groups, or COGs, supporting several states. COG map of the United States

COG 2: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont 
COG 3: Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. 
COG 4: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina
COG 6: Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming
COG 7: Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah
COG 8: Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Points of Contact

The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your direct delivery needs.

Office and Title Phone Number
Ground Fuels I: COG 3, Alaska, Hawaii, FEMA & Pacific Command
  Division Chief 571-767-8659
  COG 3, FEMA and Pacific Command 571-767-9550
  Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific Command 571-767-9533
  Inventory/Requirements manager 571-767-9529
Ground Fuels II: COGs 6, 7, 8, Africa Command, Southern Command & Germany
  Division Chief 571-767-9536
  COG 6, Africa Command, Southern Command and Germany 571-767-9504
  COGs 7 and 8, Africa Command and Southern Command 571-767-9525
  Inventory/Requirements manager 571-767-9539
Ground Fuels III: COGs 2 and 4 and European Command
  Division Chief 571-767-8724
  COG 2 and European Command 571-767-8481
  COG 4 and European Command 571-767-8460
Ground Fuels IV: Central Command
  Division Chief 571-767-9544
  Central Command 571-767-9505
  Central Command 571-767-9297
Mobility Fuels: Into plane, bunkers and fuel cards  
  Division Chief 571-767-8501
  Into plane 571-767-8469
  Into plane 571-767-9537
  Ships’ bunkers and fuel cards 571-767-8467
  Non-duty hours bunkers help line 571-425-5747
Technology team 571-767-9541