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DLA Energy Publications

The following publications are available for more information about DLA Energy and how the organization does business.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Final Environmental Assessment Closure of Former Defense Fuel Support Point at Moffett Field, Santa Clara County, California.
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DLA Energy Fact Book

The DLA Energy Fiscal 2017 Fact Book is an organizational overview of the agency with a snapshot of the facts, figures and financial information from fiscal year 2017.

Download a high-quality version for printing, or view a web-friendly version.

DLA Energy Overview Pamphlet

This brochure provides a quick reference for DLA Energy’s mission, the work it does and the products and services it supports. Download the pamphlet.

DLA Energy Commodities Handbook

The commodities handbook provides a single reference for commodities purchased by DLA Energy, and for specifications and standards used in the procurement of these commodities. Download the handbook.

DLA Energy Environmental Guide for Fuel Facilities

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Chapter 1 Environmental and Emergency Response Planning
Chapter 2 Incident and Spill Reporting
Chapter 3 Underground Storage Tanks
Chapter 4 Aboveground Storage Tanks and Containers
Chapter 5 Piping and Pipelines
Chapter 6 Air Emissions
Chapter 7 Hazardous and Recycled Waste
Chapter 8 Assessment and Cleanup
Chapter 9 Wastewater and Stormwater
Chapter 10 Training
Chapter 11 Sustainable Practices
Chapter 12 Routine Reporting
Chapter 13 NEPA Process and Resource Planning
Chapter 14 DLA Energy Funding Support
Appendix A Glossary
Appendix B Highlights of Federal Regulations and DOD Guidelines
Appendix C Proposed Regulations Applicable to Fuel Facilities
Appendix D Checklists