Aviation Into-plane Reimbursement Card®


The U.S. Government AIR Card® Program is a government program that provides the Department of Defense military services and federal civilian agencies a means to procure aviation fuel, fuel-related supplies and approved ground services worldwide at both DLA Energy contract locations and commercial airports.  The program is based on a charge card that can be electronically swiped, mechanically imprinted or hand scribed onto a commercial delivery ticket (DD1898).  

AIR Card® Accepting Locations

The AIR Card® is accepted at DoD military installations, DLA Energy contract locations and participating non-contract merchants. Find a location or call the AIR Card® customer support group. Prearrangement requests are available by completing a form located here or calling the AIR Card® customer support group.

AIR Card® Account Setup

Detailed instructions that outline procedures to follow to setup an AIR Card® account are available. This link is Common Access Card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, please use your email certificate.

AIR Card® Authorized Purchases

Authorized purchases with the AIR Card® are aviation fuel, aviation fuel-related products (like additives) and authorized ground services such as landing fees, de-icing, ground equipment fees, etc. The card user may not be a contractor. The card user is responsible and accountable for all purchases. Review all purchases annotated on the receipt prior to signing. The established policies and guidance to assist you are available for reference. This link is Common Access Card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, please use your email certificate.

AIR Card® Benefits

Card benefits include:
  • Worldwide card acceptance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Online account access
  • One card assigned to an aircraft
AIR Card® Management Controls

Management controls associated with the card include:
  • Fuel capacity review
  • Duplicate billing filters
  • Random sampling
  • Strategic sourcing
AIR Card® Misuse and Gratuities

Executive Order 12731 of Oct. 17, 1990, titled “Principles of Ethical Conduct for Government Officers and Employees,” clearly identifies the standard of conduct expected of AIR Card® users. Card users are considered government procurement officials when they purchase the fuel and services. Card users shall not misuse the card nor accept gratuities. The card is authorized for official use only.

AIR Card® Split Billing

DLA Energy pays all fuel, additive and fuel-related taxes, then bills the unit at the applicable standard and/or local purchase price. The card provider reimburses the merchant for non-fuel items and directly bills the unit incurring these charges. AIR Card® customers are responsible for paying all non-fuel charges.

AIR Card® Training Opportunities

AIR Card® Accountable Official, Management and Card User training is available via computer-based training that provides a certificate upon completion. This link is Common Access Card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, please use your email certificate.

AIR Card® Transaction Process

AIR Card® fuel purchases are provided electronically by the card provider to the DLA Enterprise Business System. The user must register through the Account Management and Provisioning System for access. This link is Common Access Card-enabled; if you have multiple certificates, please use your email certificate.

Hierarchical Support

The AIR Card® program office, partnering with the services, must track the ownership of each AIR Card® account. The hierarchy levels were set up to provide effective controls, communication and overarching responsibility and support to the program. There are five hierarchy levels as well as the assigned card user.
  • Level 1 - DLA Energy: Establishes procedures and policies for the program. Provides oversight and management of the AIR Card® Program.
  • Level 2 - Component Program Manager: CPMs provide service or agency-specific program management and ensure continuity and accountability of the program within their commands.
  • Level 3 and 4 - Agency Program Coordinator: The APC is the primary liaison for establishing, administering, maintaining and reporting on the AIR Card® program in their commands.
  • Level 5 - Accountable Official and Certifying Official: The AO is responsible for verifying receipts, creating obligations and paying fuel card bills. The AO may be held pecuniary liable for erroneous payments. The CO is held pecuniary liable for certifying and validating their agency’s non-fuel invoices.
  • Level 6 - Card User: is the individual that uses the AIR Card® for the purchase of authorized fuel and services. Card users are held responsible to the government for any transaction not made for official government use.
Points of Contact

The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your AIR Card® needs.

Title Phone DSN Email
DLA Energy Contacts (also accessible by email at AIRCard@dla.mil)
AIR Card® Program Manager 703-589-6049
U.S. Army Customer Account Specialist 571-767-3422
U.S. Air Force Customer Account Specialist 571-363-7064
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Customer Account Specialist 571-363-8765
Federal Civ. Agencies Customer Account Specialist 571-363-7967
Service Component Program Manager Contacts
U.S. Air Force, AF/A3O-IR 703-693-4458
223-4458 afaircard.cpm@pentagon.af.mil
U.S. Army, HQDA, G4 703-614-0857
Dept. of Navy, Consolidated Card Program Mgt. 717-605-5928
430-5928 AIR_Card@navy.mil
U.S. Coast Guard Energy Program 757-366-6520
413-7206 HQS-SMB-AIRcard@uscg.mil
Additional USCG contact
Additional USCG contact