DLA Energy Indo-Pacific


The Indo-Pacific region is DLA Energy’s largest geographical fuel region. It maintains constant supervision over product inventory, provides theater contingency and exercise support, monitors product quality throughout the region and coordinates unique alternative fuels and renewable energy requirements.

The region provides support to every military agency in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and to a host of foreign countries in the region. Spanning such a large portion of the world, the Indo-Pacific has offices in Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Okinawa and Singapore that provide first-class energy support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DLA Energy East-Pacific

DLA Energy East-Pacific is a USINDOPACOM strategic national partner in support of the USINDOPACOM Joint Petroleum Office as the Sub Area Petroleum Office Eastern Pacific. DLA Energy East-Pacific is focused on providing effective and efficient energy solutions to project and sustainment joint bulk petroleum operations that enable combatant commander’s to execute their concept of operations and intent within the Eastern Pacific Theater Area of Operations. 

DLA Energy South-West Pacific

DLA Energy South-West Pacific, with offices on Guam and Singapore, supports the USINDOPACOM Joint Petroleum Office as the Sub Area Petroleum Office Western Pacific, with a primary goal of providing effective and efficient supply operations to enable the projection and sustainment of joint bulk petroleum in theater. The goal of bulk petroleum support is to fulfill the requirements of the combatant commander’s concept of operations and intent.

DLA Energy South-West Pacific fulfills this responsibility with a skilled team of experts in the areas of fuel operations, inventory management and quality management in support of USINDOPACOM, Pacific Fleet, Pacific Air Force, U.S. Army Pacific, Marine Forces Pacific, Commander Task Force 73, Joint Region Marianas and other operational units in the South-Western Pacific.  

DLA Energy Japan

DLA Energy Japan provides the link between DLA Energy and the Japan area of responsibility. DLA Energy Japan’s mission is to provide United States Forces and government agencies in Japan the most effective and efficient petroleum support possible through dedicated partnership with the U.S. Forces Japan J4, its customers and its suppliers. The team provides inventory management, quality surveillance, and theater transportation support to ensure the annual movement of more than $1.8 billion worth of petroleum and cryogenic products and 41 percent of USINDOPACOM’s total petroleum inventory to 16 defense fuel support points and 158 locations throughout Japan.

DLA Energy Japan supports U.S. INDOPACOM, U.S. Forces Japan, its component commanders, and their 130,000 military, civilian, dependents and local nationals across Japan.

DLA Energy Korea

DLA Energy Korea provides wholesale bulk petroleum supply, distribution and quality management for U.S. Forces in the Republic of Korea during armistice and contingency operations. DLA Energy Korea’s team continually monitors and maintains oversight of more than 320 million gallons of fuel valued at $1.2 billion while directing a network of 47 accounts with a volume of more than 350,000 fuel transactions annually. DLA Energy Korea is engaged in the fight as USFK’s first choice for world-class energy solutions and a synchronized enterprise partner at the “tip of the spear.”

DLA Energy Okinawa

DLA Energy Okinawa provides bulk petroleum support to U.S. military and other Department of Defense agencies on the island of Okinawa. It provides effective and efficient support to customers with Class IIIB expertise in operations, maintenance, inventory management and quality surveillance. The team’s focus is to sustain operational effectiveness of the warfighter while remaining vigilant stewards of the pristine Okinawan environment and to continue to be good ambassadors to its hosts.


If you need assistance in the Indo-Pacific region, you may contact the following offices. After hours or during the weekend, you may contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center at 1-877-DLA-CALL (1-877-352-2255).

Command Phone DSN Fax
DLA Energy South-West Pacific Commander 671-366-7764 315-366-7764 671-366-7767
Additional South-West Pacific contacts      
DLA Energy East-Pacific Commander 808-473-4312 315-473-4312 808-473-4232
No additional East-Pacific contacts      
DLA Energy Japan Commander 011-81-311-755-2671 315-225-2671 011-81-311-755-3598
Additional Japan contacts      
DLA Energy Korea Commander 011-82-503-363-2302 315-763-2302 011-82-503-364-4016
DLA Energy Korea Deputy Commander 011-82-503-363-2301 315-763-2301  
Additional Korea contacts      
DLA Energy Okinawa Commander 011-81-311-75-5463 315-632-4742 011-81-98-962-4705
Additional Okinawa contacts      

DLA Energy Indo-Pacific News

Enterprisewide | Jan. 30, 2023

DLA Energy employees earn agency recognition awards

Recognized for their exceptional leadership and hard work, eight DLA Energy employees were selected for the agency’s 55th Annual Employee Recognition Awards for the calendar year 2022.

Enterprisewide | Dec. 15, 2022

DLA Energy Korea celebrates 30th Anniversary

Recognizing three decades of fuel support to Warfighters in the Republic of Korea, DLA Energy Korea celebrated its 30th anniversary at Camp Walker, Daegu, Korea, Dec. 9.

Enterprisewide | Sept. 9, 2022

DLA leaders visit DLA Indo-Pacific operations in Pearl Harbor

Defense Logistics Agency senior leaders received updates on DLA Indo-Pacific operations while touring agency facilities and meeting local employees August 22-26 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.