Bulk Petroleum Products: Military Specification Fuels


DLA Energy procured the fuel in this Bangor, Maine, fuel tank being inspected

DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Products provides contract support for the bulk petroleum supply chain, including worldwide military specification bulk fuels requirements (JAA, JP8, JP5, F76). These fuels are acquired through four major purchase programs: Inland East Gulf Coast; Rocky Mountain/West Coast; Atlantic, European, Mediterranean; and Western Pacific.

Bulk Petroleum Products is also responsible for the purchase of the bulk fuel system icing inhibitor additive (drummed FSII is handled by DLA Aviation in Richmond, Virginia), bulk lubricants and alternative fuels, such as a hydrorenewable JP8 jet fuel equivalent known as HRJ8, for testing and certification purposes, and other petroleum-related products.

All bulk petroleum solicitations are available on the Federal Business Opportunities website. On the Fed Biz Opps homepage, under keyword / solicitation number, type “SPE600” and then hit enter.

Acquisition Programs

Bulk Petroleum Products' procured fuel supports QLLEXThe current acquisition purchase programs for bulk petroleum and their corresponding dates are listed below. Dates may be subject to change.

Acquisition Purchase Program Date
Atlantic / Europe / Mediterranean July 1 - June 30
Deep Freeze Dec. 1 - Jan. 31
Lubes April 1 - March 31
JPTS April 1 - March 31
Inland East Gulf April 1 - March 31
Rocky Mountain West Oct. 1 - Sept. 30
Western Pacific Jan. 1 - Dec. 31
Worldwide Fuel System Icing Inhibitor Jan. 1 - Dec. 31


Point of Contact

For more information about working with DLA Energy for your bulk petroleum product needs, please call 571-767-9544 or DSN 392-767-9544.