Quality and Technical Support


The Quality and Technical Support office provides quality assurance, quality surveillance, measurement, cataloging, standardization and laboratory support for all products managed by DLA Energy. It serves as the lead standardization activity for Federal Supply Classes 91GP, 9110, 9130, and 9140. It also represents DLA Energy on quality and technical-related issues with military service technical offices, customers, suppliers, national and international industry standardization organizations and regulatory agencies. The office is responsible for quality and technical policy, procedures, guidance and information systems related to acquisition, storage and distribution of DLA Energy-managed products. Additionally, it provides technical expertise for alternative fuels and renewable energy, as well as science and technology projects.

Quality Operations

Quality Tank InspectionThe Quality Operations division acts as the principal adviser for developing, monitoring, coordinating, publishing and implementing quality policies and programs for DLA Energy-supplied commodities. It provides quality assurance and quality surveillance support to Department of Defense and civilian agencies as defined in inter-service agreements and directives.

For inquiries about the following, call 571-767-8738:

            • MIL-STD-3004D
            • Customer depot complaints
            • Laboratory and inspection contracts
            • Pre-award forms and documents
            • Quality assurance advisories
            • Quality certification information
            • Quality checklists
            • Quality policy and standards
            • Quality training

Product Technology and Standardization Biofuel is being tested

The Product Technology and Standardization division acts as the principal adviser for technical matters on petroleum, missile fuels, coal and related products and services. It maintains specification and measurement contract clauses and represents DLA Energy at industry standardization groups to ensure that product specification changes do not adversely impact end-user applications. The division reviews and approves all cataloguing changes for both petroleum and aerospace energy products and serves as the lead standardization activity for petroleum products in the Department of Defense. Additionally, it maintains the Petroleum Quality Information System and provides technical support for the introduction of new supply lines, such as alternative fuels, and for resolving problems in storage tanks, transportation and handling systems caused by fuel chemistry.

The division is also responsible for the Energy Research and Development Program, which seeks out research & development solutions for renewable energy initiatives, as well as alternative and synthetic fuels to meet military service needs while reducing the DoD’s carbon footprint. These solutions help secure installation energy, reduce petroleum need and consumption, and deliver fuel more efficiently and economically.

For inquiries about the following, call 571-767-8740:

  • Commodities Handbook
  • Laboratory Correlation Program and defense fuel support point laboratory equipment procurement
  • Petroleum Quality Information System (also reachable at PQIS@dla.mil)
  • Product Specifications and Standards List
  • Regional customer organized group requirements

Additional Points of Contact
The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your quality and technical support needs.

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Quality and Technical Support Director
Quality and Technical Support Deputy Director