Bulk Petroleum Services

A military member refuels an airplaneDLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services provides contract support for the bulk petroleum supply chain, including worldwide acquisition of fuel-related services such as government-owned, contractor-operated defense fuel support points, contractor-owned and -operated defense fuel support points, alongside aircraft fuel delivery, lab testing and environmental compliance, assessment and remediation.

It is also the single source for drafting, negotiating, concluding and amending international fuel agreements with foreign governments supporting worldwide Department of Defense operations. Each agreement is unique and tailored to the needs of the DoD customer. DLA Energy concludes fuel exchange, direct bill, product acquisition and service agreements for use of foreign government-owned and operated pipeline systems, port operations and fuel depots supporting U.S. forces around the globe.

All bulk petroleum solicitations are available on the website by searching Contract Opportunities for "SPE603" under keyword.

If you are a small business, please see the DLA small business page for further assistance.

Points of Contact

The following offices can be contacted for more information about working with DLA Energy for your bulk petroleum service needs.

Title Phone Number
Director 571-767-3541
Deputy Director 571-767-8461
Chief of International Agreements 571-767-9396

Bulk Fuel News

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