Evaluation of Temperature Stressed MREs

Provides guidance on evaluating MREs which have been stored at high temperatures for long periods of time.

Document Description
DSCP 4155.2 Handbook Evaluation of Temperature Stressed MREs
Photo 7A Typical Stages in the Life of a Time Temperature Indicator (TTI).
Photo 7A(1) This scan shows the darkening of the center Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) ring due to cycled temperature with a daily fluctuation between 130F and 85F, which was logged in MIL-VANS in Iraq during summer of 2006. Duartion of test was 6 weeks.
Photo 7A(2) Comparison of a Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) in different environments (temperatures).
Photo 7B Applesauce, 3 months.
Photo 7C Applesauce, 6 months.
Photo 7D Applesauce, 12 months.
Photo 7E Applesauce, 24 months.
Photo 7F Applesauce, 36 months.
Photo 7G Cheese Spread, 3 months.
Photo 7H Cheese Spread, 6 months.
Photo 7I Cheese Spread, 12 months.
Photo 7J Cheese Spread, 24 months.
Photo 7K Cheese Spread, 36 months.
More Photos Additional photos of Temperature Stressed MRE's