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DLA Troop Support Europe and Africa

DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa is a forward element that supports nearly 300K soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines with $5B worth of materiel annually throughout 121 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, providing effective and efficient solutions across Troop Support's supply chains: Subsistence, Clothing & Textiles, Construction & Equipment, and Medical.


A trusted partner to enable readiness and lethality 

DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Customer Handbook

Download the Customer Handbook (PDF)

This customer handbook serves as a guide to help customers understand the full range of capabilities, commodities and solutions that DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa provides across four diverse supply chains. The handbook features:

  • Full contact lists for each commodity and region
  • Supply planning considerations
  • Supply chains and commodity descriptions


Troop Support Europe & Africa Information and Contacts

Working with DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa

If you are a vendor outside of the continental U.S., you'll need to visit the following websites:
Request a NATO CAGE code

And register with:
System for Award Management
Wide Area Work Flow
DLA Internet Bid Board System

DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa's Supplier Operations directorate oversees the implementation of contracting policies and procedures in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and other Defense Department guidelines.

Points of Contact for Working with Troop Support Europe & Africa

Email: Support Europe & Africa Supplier Operations

Supplier Operations Chief
DSN: 324-206-9706
Commercial: 49 (0) 631-7106-9706

Procurement/Systems Analyst
DSN: 324-206-9682
Commercial: 49 (0) 631-7106-9682

Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Europe & Africa
DSN: 324-206-9682
Commercial: 011 (49) 631-7106-9682

Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
DSN: 324-206-9734
Commercial: 49 (0) 631-7106-9720

Subsistence Information

The Subsistence team at DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa provides full service food support to dining facilities and operational rations for America’s warfighters and other federal partners throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We support contingency and exercise operations for the combatant commands and other authorized agencies. We coordinate Subsistence prime vendor support, Navy ship support, special orders and menu catalogs. The DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Prime Vendor teams provide our customers with one-stop shopping and back-door delivery for food items including:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • dairy products
  • water
  • beverages
  • fruit juices
  • specialty items
  • bakery products

The Subsistence Total Order and Receipt Electronic System (STORES) is a web-based system that enables customers to order and receipt Subsistence products. 

Subsistence Points of Contact

Chief,  Subsistence Operational Rations/Customer Operations
DSN 324-206-9776, Comm  +49 (0)6317-106-9776

Food Safety and Quality Assurance team
DSN 324-206-9731
49 (0)631-7106-9731




Medical Information

Whether you need medical supplies, equipment, pharmaceuticals, first-aid kits, fully deployable field hospitals or complete turnkey radiology suites, DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa's Medical team is your partner for an efficient and cost effective medical supply chain.

Medical Points of Contact

DSN: 324-206-9695

Commercial: 011 (49) 06317-106-9695


Visit DLA Troop Support Medical  for more information.


Construction & Equipment InformationNavy Seabee

C&E partners with the Warfighter to provide cradle-to-grave support. We are the Executive Agent for all Class IV Construction and Barrier Material, and the Construction and Equipment supply chain is responsible for the logistical support of construction and barrier equipment items: lumber, plywood, concertina wire, barbed wire, sandbags, container defense walls, pickets, airfield matting, sand grids and much more.

Our Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO) program provides tailored logistics support for facilities maintenance, public works, civil engineering, family housing, and base supply customers. Thousands of items are supported through the MRO program, ranging from lumber, paint, small tools, and assorted hardware and building supplies, to lighting, electrical, plumbing and HVAC supplies.

Visit the C&E page for more information on available products.

Construction & Equipment Points of Contact

Construction & Equipment
DSN 324-206-9657
Commercial: 011 (49) 06317-106-9657

Customer Liaison Specialist
DSN 324-206-9915
Commercial: 011 (49) 06317-106-9915


Clothing & Textiles

We provide world-class integrated logistics solutions throughout Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia for clothing, individual equipment and textile items to Warfighters and other customers.

We are your source for the following product lines:

  • Dress clothing
  • Field clothing
  • Organizational clothing & individual equipment
  • Protective equipment
  • Boots
  • Tents
  • Cots
  • Blankets
  • Ecclesiastical items
  • Medals & insignias
  • Flags & guidons

Clothing and Textiles Points of Contact

DSN 324-206-9703
Commercial 011 (49) 06317-106-9703

DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Field Activities


  • Kaiserslautern, Headquarters
  • Stuttgart, liaison officer
  • Frankfurt, contracting officer representative
  • Weisbaden, liaison officer


  • Naples, liaison officer
  • Vicenza, liaison officer
  • Padova, customer representative
  • Cesena, contracting officer representative


  • Bahrain, contracting officer representative
  • Dubai, contracting officer representative
  • Kuwait, contracting officer representative


  • Rota, liaison officer