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DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific
440 Fuller Way
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI 96860-4967
DSN: 315-474-2924
FAX: 808-471-0125
FAX (DSN): 315-471-0125

DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific

Troop Support Pacific
DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific ensures the combat readiness and sustainment of America's military by providing world-class logistical support throughout the Indo-Pacific region. As a field activity of DLA Troop Support headquartered in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific works directly with customers and industry partners to support the military during day-to-day operations, humanitarian assistance and contingency missions. Support is provided through five supply chains:

Clothing & Textiles
Construction & Equipment

For information on other supply chain support in the DLA Indo-Pacific region, go to the HQ DLA Indo-Pacific Command pages


Force enabler committed to providing forward logistics support to the Warfighter by engaging, advocating, and collaborating to refine logistics solutions. 

Regional Area Offices

The DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific team has representatives throughout the region to best service customers and work with our industry partners. See below for information about our Regional Area Offices. 

Alaska Area Office

The Alaska Office manages all five DLA Troop Support supply chains in support of DoD activities in Alaska. Our team of logisticians are located at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson and Fort Wainwright. The office is a key logistics integrator within the region in support of day-to-day operations, exercises and contingency operations.


Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
10-480 22nd Street
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK 99506

907-552-7993 / 907-552-7366
DSN: 317-552-7993
FAX 907-552-0814
FAX (DSN): 317-552-0814

Fort Wainwright
1060 Gaffney Road
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703-7000

DSN: 317-361-2316
FAX : 907-361-3555
FAX (DSN): 317-361-3555

Alaska Maintenance, Repair and Operations contract officer:
215-737-2051 or DSN 444-2051

Guam Area Office

The Guam Office manages all five DLA Troop Support supply chains for DoD entities and the Department of Education in Guam and on the surrounding islands. The office is a key logistics integrator within the region in support of various exercises and contingency operations.


PSC 455, Box 196
FPO AP 96540-0196

DSN: 315-339-5135
FAX (DSN): 315-339-3025

Hawaii Area Office

The Hawaii Area Office is located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Our team of logisticians is dedicated to provide the best possible support to warfighters in the Eastern and Central Pacific for all day-to-day operations, as well as contingencies and humanitarian assistance missions and exercises.


DLA Troop Support Pacific
1025 Quincy Ave, Suite 1000
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI 96860

808-474-2931 / 808-474-2932
DSN: 315-474-2931/2932
FAX Commercial: 808-471-5512
FAX DSN: 315-471-5512

Japan Area Office

Our Japan Area Office, which is located at Fleet Activities Yokosuka, is an extension of DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific Headquarters. This office oversees our regional area support offices located in Mainland Japan, Sasebo, Iwakuni, Okinawa and Singapore.

Our mission is to provide local support in all five DLA Troop Support supply chains to our customers in these areas. We are dedicated to providing the best possible support to the warfighters in the Western Pacific for every contingency, humanitarian operation and exercise, from the Mariana Islands to Diego Garcia. Our logisticians deploy alongside our forces to maintain support in any situation.


DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific- Japan Area Office
PSC 473 Box 11
FPO AP 96349-0011

DSN: 315-243-6293
FAX: 011-81-6160-43-9007 or 9009
FAX (DSN): 315-243-9007 or 9009

STORES Helpdesk:

The Sasebo Support Office coordinates all of Subsistence Prime Vendor and produce orders and performs the customer service functions for our afloat and land-based customers in Sasebo and Iwakuni, Japan.

DLA Troop Support Pacific
Japan Area, Sasebo Office

PSC 476 Box 6
FPO AP 96322-1502

DSN: 315-252-3133
FAX (DSN): 315-252-3134


DLA Troop Support Pacific
Iwakuni Support Office

PSC 561 Box 990
FPO AP 96310-0017 DSN: 315-253-5519
FAX (DSN): 315-253-4844

The Okinawa Support Office manages all of DLA Troop Support's supply chains for DoD entities in Okinawa. We are located on Camp Kinser in Building 502.


Okinawa Support Office
Unit 35053
FPO AP 96373-5053 DSN: 315-637-6570
FAX (DSN): 315-637-1051

The Singapore Support Office provides support in all DLA Troop Support supply chains to DoD customers in Singapore and surrounding countries. Our primary commodity is Subsistence. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing responsive delivery of the highest quality Subsistence food products to authorized customers. The Fleet Industrial Support Center, Detachment Singapore (FISC Det Singapore) is the link between the customers and the DLA Troop Support Subsistence prime vendor program.


DLA Troop Support Pacific
Singapore Office

PSC 470 Box 5100
FPO AP 96534-5100

Subsistence Prime Vendor contracting officer rep
DSN: 315-421-2508

STORES Web Technician:
DSN: 315-421-2082
FAX (DSN): 315-421-2080

Korea Area Office

The Korea Area Office is located on U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys and is an extension of the DLA Troop Support Pacific Headquarters. Our mission is to provide DLA Troop Support wholesale Subsistence, Clothing & Textiles, Construction & Equipment, Medical and Industrial Hardware  logistics solutions for all military services and authorized non-military government agencies throughout the U. S. Pacific Command and the U. S. Forces Korea. We are a dedicated team of professionals who provide the best possible support for all your logistics requirements.


DLA Troop Support Pacific - Korea Area Office
Unit 15201
APO AP 96271-5201

DSN: 315-753-6615
FAX: 011-82-31-690-6618
FAX (DSN): 315-753-6618

Subsistence Quality Assurance Office

DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific's Subsistence Quality Assurance Office oversees quality issues in the Indo-Pacific region, including Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Guam, Singapore, Ecuador and Alaska.

Our mission is to ensure that only wholesome and quality Subsistence is procured, stored and distributed by DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific. Product wholesomeness is ensured by arranging and coordinating government inspection of origin contractor food establishments; monitoring and appropriately distributing ALFOODACT, federal recalls, foreign country agriculture recalls and vendor recalls. Product quality is maintained by developing and managing quality programs to ensure mission/operational effectiveness and user satisfaction with DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific Subsistence items and services.