DLA Troop Support is a Major Subordinate Command of the Defense Logistics Agency located in Philadelphia, PA, with a global presence including offices in Europe & Africa and the Pacific regions. It is responsible for five supply chains which provide our nation’s military and government partners with: food and feeding equipment; clothing and textile items; construction and equipment materiel ranging from lightbulbs to bulldozers; medical materiel and pharmaceuticals; and industrial hardware consumable repair parts. DLA Troop Support provides more than $19B in support to 51k global customers through a network of 3.7k suppliers, delivering optimal, global supply chain solutions with a focus on world-class performance and strong partnerships in support of national defense, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

MISSION: DLA Troop Support delivers optimal, global supply chain solutions to enable ready, lethal Warfighters and our other valued partners.

VISION: A world-class team providing globally responsive Warfighter support and premier supply chain leadership.

VALUES: Leadership, Professionalism and Technical Knowledge through Dedication to Duty, Integrity, Ethics, Honor, Courage and Loyalty.