Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity
The DLA Troop Support Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity program works to foster an environment that values and supports equal opportunity, diversity, and unifies the workforce to achieve our goal of providing America's Fighting Forces with world-class logistical support in peace and war.

Our Objectives:

  • Ensure a fully representative work force at all levels allowing each individual to achieve their highest potential.
  • Promote efficient and effective resolution of EEOD Complaints by promoting and encouraging the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Program.
  • Process EEO complaints in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Seek to assure that all personnel management decisions are void of unlawful discrimination.

Helpful links on filing complaints and information regarding reasonable accommodations:

    Procedure for filing an EEO complaint and Points of Contact for Special Emphasis Programs

    Reasonable Accommodations for Employees

    Reasonable Accommodations for Managers

DLA Troop Support Commander's EEO policy statements

    Commander's EEO Policy Statement

    Commander's Sexual Harassment Policy Statement

    Commander's Policy Statement on Reasonable Accommodations

DLA Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity office

If you can't access our website or need assistance obtaining information on our website, please call 215-737-2347 or DSN 444-2347 and an EEO professional can assist you with any concerns or information you may need. Thanks for accessing the EEO website and have a great day!