How is DLA Troop Support protecting the environment?

An environmental management system (EMS) is part of an organization's overall management system that integrates environmental concerns and issues into the organization's management process. Implementation of an EMS enables an organization to control the impact of the organization's activities, products, or services on the natural environment. The DLA Troop Support has developed a program, modeled on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Standard for EMS development, called the Go Green Program.

The organization is using the Go Green Program to achieve and maintain compliance with current environmental requirements, while proactively managing environmental issues that might impact mission sustainability. It is designed to help employees understand how their jobs affect the natural environment and encourages responsibility, ownership, and accountability. DLA Troop Support is committed to continually evaluating business practices to ensure environmental stewardship is always part of the dialogue.

DLA Troop Support Environmental Policy Statement

The DLA Troop Support Environmental Policy Statement is the keystone of the Go Green Program. The Policy Statement identifies the commitment of the organization in conducting business with respect and care for its people and the environment. The Policy is based on four basic concepts:

  • Preventing pollution at the source, whenever possible;
  • Abiding by all applicable environmental laws, regulations and internal requirements;
  • Conserving natural resources; and
  • Taking steps to continually improve.

The acronym P-A-C-T was created to help employees remember the four key commitments of the Environmental Policy Statement. Click on the link to see the current version of the Environmental Policy Statement.

For additional information about the Go Green Program, please contact the Public Affairs Office at (215) 737-2311.