Procurement Process Support
The Procurement Process Support office assists DLA Troop Support's acquisition workforce with training and guidance to continuously strengthen the procurement process.

Procurement Process Support divisions
Responsible for the development, application and modification of contracting programs, manages acquisition training, the DAWIA Contracting Certification program, the Contracting Officer Warrant program and the Business Opportunities office, and monitors continuous learning points for the contracting workforce.

Compliance: Exercises oversight of the DLA Troop Support acquisition mission to ensure compliance with applicable statutes and regulatory guidance.

Contract Review: Performs oversight of the acquisition process through pre- and post-award reviews

Pricing and Strategy: Provides analysis and other technical advice on cost and price matters, and assists with acquisition planning. Also serves as Competition Advocate for DLA Troop Support.

Systems and Procedures: Manages the development, application and modification of contracting systems and procedures.

*The acquisition workforce should visit the Procurement Process Support intranet site through DLA Troop Support's eWorkplace for more information on how we can support you.

Contact: 215-737-2771 or DSN 444-2771