Work with DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa

If you are a vendor outside of the continental U.S., you'll need to visit the following websites:
Request a NATO CAGE code

And register with:
System for Award Management
Wide Area Work Flow
DLA Internet Bid Board System

DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa's Supplier Operations directorate oversees the implementation of contracting policies and procedures in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and other Defense Department guidelines.

Contact us:
Email: Troop Support Europe & Africa Supplier Operations

Supplier Operations Director
DSN: 314-681-2150
Commercial: 49 (0) 631-581-5400

Procurement/Systems Analyst
DSN: 314-581-2179
Commercial: 49 (0) 631-411-2179

DSN: 314-483-5400
Commercial: 49 (0) 631-411-2179