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About DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Acquisition Office 

Mission oversees implementation and execution of all contracting policies and procedures in   accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and all other Defense guidelines.

What DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Acquisition Office Offers

We assure the quality and integrity of the acquisition process.   

•Acquisition Advisor to Commander, DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa and Acquisition Workforce
•DLA/DLA Troop Support Liaison
•Ensure Contracting Integrity by Conducting Acquisition Reviews
•Read, Interpret, and Disseminate higher level Contracting Policy
•Conduct Acquisition Training and promote Professional Development
•Manage and Direct the Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program
•Support Contingency Contracting Operations
•Maintain and Coordinate Contracting Officer Warrant Requests
•Coordinate DAWIA Certification Requests
•Support BSM Implementation including DPACS
•Prepare For and Respond to DLA PMR and DLA Troop Support CAAP Review Findings
•Coordinate OGE Form 450 Financial Disclosures with HQ DLA Troop Support


Contact Us

Acquisition Group Email
FAX: DSN 483-5400
Comm: 49+0631-411-5400

Command Acquisition Advisor
DSN 581 2163
Comm 49 (0)631 581 2163

Procurement Analyst
DSN 581-2179
Comm 49 (0)631 411 2179