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About DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Internal Logistics Operations

Mission Supports DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa in such areas as:

Military personnel for all DLA activities in Europe
Plan, develop, implement and monitor organizational marketing.
Centralized supply support, property accountability, security coordination, ADP and travel support.
System support for unique automated systems.
Analyze programs and procedures to ensure efficient management.
Full budgetary responsibilities.
Develop strategic business and marketing plans.
Liaison with the civilian personnel and payroll offices.
Serves as the program manager for the organization's Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and the International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS).
Serves as focal point for preparing and disseminating DLA Troop Support Europe and Africa command policy.


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Budget Officer
DSN 581 2169
Comm +49 (0)631 411 2169

Military Personnel Specialist
DSN 581 2178
Comm +49 (0)631 411 2178

Chief Resource Management Team
DSN 581 2190
Comm +49 (0)631 581 2190

Chief, Internal Log. OPS
DSN 581 2180
Comm +49 (0)631 411 2180