Marines deliver MREs

Southwest Asia Prime Vendor & Operational Rations

The DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Region Subsistence, Southwest Asian Prime Vendor and Operational Rations unit provides subsistence prime vendor and operational rations support for   contingency and exercise operations for the combatant commands and other   authorized agencies.  Overall responsibility is  coordination of subsistence prime   vendor support, Navy ship support, special orders, catalog issues, billing   discrepancies and troop support issues.  We have Contracting Officers Representatives located at the subsistence prime vendors warehouse facilities.

Operational Rations are the first line of Subsistence in a combat situation or humanitarian assistance mission. We support warfighters throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East with Unitized Group Rations (UGRs), Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs) and supplemental items such as bread, cereal, UHT milk, produce and bottled water.


Operational Rations Team (Theater-wide support for contingency and exercise operations)
DSN 314-581-2170 or 011-49 (0) 631-411-2170

Southwest Asia Peninsula Prime Vendor Team (UAE , Oman, Djibouti, Kenya) 

Southwest Asia Peninsula Prime Vendor Team (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar)

Kuwait, Afghanistan, Jordan Iraq Prime Vendor Team

Chief,  Subsistence Operational Rations/Customer Operations
DSN 324-206-9659         Comm  +49 (0)6317-106-9659